A Little Insight Into My Job

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I am often asked what my job - validation - entails, which is somewhat difficult for anyone not familiar with FDA-regulated industry.

Well, perhaps this AutomationWorld magazine article will help enlighten just a little bit, at least with respect to one aspect of my job. The article interviews and profiles yours truly, with regard to my (and my company's) use of wireless technologies for environmental monitoring and testing:

KV Pharmaceutical is turning to wireless mesh networking technology as a way to save money, while reliably meeting regulatory requirements for temperature and humidity monitoring.

As a manufacturer of generic and branded drugs using proprietary drug delivery systems such as time-release and site-release processes, St. Louis-based KV Pharmaceutical Co. is subject to plenty of federal regulation.

“Being in a regulated industry, we’re required to do environmental monitoring for temperature, relative humidity and that kind of thing. We’re required to monitor those things and record them, so that we can present those data to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) if requested,” notes Chip Bennett, validation specialist at the company.

Read the rest, if you're interested. Enjoy!


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5 Responses to “A Little Insight Into My Job”
  1. Mel says:

    Chip, I really enjoyed reading the article. While I obviously didn’t understand every detail (guess an MA in pro counseling won’t teach about your job, huh?), I got a good idea of the article was about. I liked seeing the pictures, which brought some it to life for someone like me and enjoyed seeing my new brother-in-law,too! BTW, purple is great on you!

  2. Chip Bennett says:

    Heh, the shirt is actually blue (which is Steph’s favorite color on me).

    The article represents only a fraction of what my job entails – but, hopefully it’s still a decent introduction.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Well I didn’t understand too much of it, but I am still proud of you baby! You are the cutest “validation guy” ever! I love you!

  4. Chris says:

    I have been investigating wireless transmitters. At this time for us, its a nice option for certain applications like rail cars and trailers, but with the industry standards still evolving and a large install base of Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet, we are not on board yet. Any new site would definitely have to consider it, though. As a EE geek, I am waiting for the devices that can harvest power through vibration and light (close to market I believe).

  5. JuJu says:

    Way cool!
    And I understood about, oh, 7 or 10 sentences. But still! And great picture! You’re all corporate and stuff!