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Good Friday Tornado Track

St. Louis Good Friday 2011 Tornado

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The St. Louis Good Friday tornado ended up being a rather close call for us. The storm track is in red; our location is in yellow:

Good Friday Tornado Track

St. Louis Good Friday Tornado, 22 April 2011

Unlike the 2010 Saint Ann tornado, this one did major damage in the area. Thankfully for us, though, the worst thing we suffered was a 12-hour power outage.

Saint Ann Tornado

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This past Saturday afternoon (while my parents were visiting from Indiana, no less!), I live-tweeted our tornado-warning adventure (see here, here, here, and here). The storm was really fast-moving, and came and went in about 30 minutes.

At the time, we were aware of a confirmed tornado about 8 miles from our house, at/near the West County mall in Des Peres. However, it has now been confirmed that the storm spun off a second tornado - one whose path came within about 1/3 of a mile from our house!

Below is the damage-path of the Saint Ann tornado:

Saint Ann Tornado 24 April 2010

Saint Ann Tornado 24 April 2010

Fortunately, it appears that the tornado was dying out by the time it was nearest to us - but someone tell my Dad that next time, he should stay in the basement instead of going outside to see the storm!

St. Louis Rally To Support Pro-Democracy Honduras

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Tonight at Papagayos in Maplewood, MO, pro-democracy Hondurans and Americans rallied in support of the constitutional government and President Roberto Micheletti, and against would-be dictator Manuel Zelaya and the despicable actions of the Obama administration. I had the honor of being present, and standing with the St. Louis Honduran community in support of their desire for freedom and constitutional democracy.

[flickr album=72157622436108284 num=4 size=Medium]

I estimated approximately 50-60 in attendance. No counter-protesters showed up. The passing traffic seemed mostly supportive and/or apathetic. I only saw one car that shouted expletives at the rally crowd.

The rally featured several speakers, including Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit.

More from Gateway Pundit

An Unusual Sighting

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My normal route home from work takes me right by the airport. It's not unusual to see planes taking off or landing.

However, it is quite unusual to see the following aircraft a mere 50-100 feet off the ground, on an approach:

Air Force One

Air Force One (Image found at PlaneBuzz)

The plane touched down on Runway 11-29 right next to I-70, right before I exited onto Cypress.

A Boeing 747 painted in light blue with the words "United States of America" on the fuselage is pretty unmistakable; still, I hadn't heard anything about President Bush making any appearances in Missouri today. I thought perhaps it could have been picking up some dignitaries from last night's VP candidate debate.

As it turns out, it was President Bush, after all.


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So I'm not crazy. I woke up a little after 4:30 this morning, with the sensation that the house was rocking. I jumped out of bed to investigate, but found all well and normal.

Turns out it was a 5.2-magnitude earthquake.

USGS Shake Map of 5.2 Magnitiude Earthquake 04/18/2008

Post-Dispatch and Tribune-Star stories here.

The U.S. Geologic Survey Web site says the quake was centered near West Salem, Ill., or about 40 miles northwest of Evansville, Ind.


The quake occurred in the Illinois basin-Ozark dome region that covers parts of Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas and stretches from Indianapolis and St. Louis to Memphis, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Also, apparently, the quake was felt in Grand Rapids, MI,, Cincinnati, OH - and even 450 miles away in Des Moines, IA.)

Of course, I couldn't get back to sleep - so I'm going to be a bit tired today!

Newborn Boys Switched at IL Hospital

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We will definitely not be using this hospital:

State public health officials say two babies were accidentally switched at a southern Illinois hospital, with one of the infants sent home with the wrong family.

Officials say the mistake happened in March at Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion and involved two newborn boys.

Hospital workers soon learned of the error and immediately contacted the family.

Apparently, this hospital gives free car seats to all babies born there. Just make sure you're putting the right baby in that car seat!

Church Search: Grace Church of St. Louis

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We have been looking for quite some time, to find a church home suitable for Stephanie, Lily, and me - somewhere that we can get involved in the church ministries, outreaches, and service as well as somewhere that can meet our needs: worship service with which we can relate and be both fed and challenged, an excellent children's program, and small-group ministry to facilitate building relationships and friendships with other people our age and in similar life circumstances.

We have tried several churches, trying to keep an open mind about non-essential things such as membership size and style of worship, while at the same time looking for unity in the things we consider essential: namely, doctrinal matters. For the past couple months, we have been attending Grace Church of St. Louis, and have connected well enough that we have decided to go through the four-week membership class to determine how well this church might fit for us.

We will be considering several things, including the details of the church's doctrine, the dynamics of a smaller group (our class has about 70 people, which is considered "small" for a church the size of Grace), the ministry/small group/service opportunities, and the emphasis/mission of the church (missions, evangelism, discipleship, etc.).

If we have one concern thus far, it is the somewhat overwhelming size of the church. While I would be perfectly comfortable, provided that we can find smaller groups with which to get involved, Stephanie is not quite so comfortable. That is why the nature and dynamics of the church's small group ministries will be critical to our decision.

Please be praying for us in our search for a church home - that God will show us where He would have us to be, and especially that He will enlighten us with respect to Grace Church through this membership class.

Lily at the Park

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So, you wouldn't know it from the ten inches of snow we got yesterday, but this past weekend was gorgeous. Sunday was about 77 degrees and sunny, and we got the chance to take Lily to the park, to enjoy the weather - and the infant swing:

Lillian 09 Months - March 019

I'm too cute!
Photo © Chip Bennett, all rights reserved.

Lillian 09 Months - March 033

Photo © Chip Bennett, all rights reserved.

Lillian 09 Months - March 025

Hey, I think I really like this!
Photo © Chip Bennett, all rights reserved.

As the weather continues to get nicer, and Lily gets closer and closer to being a year old, I'm really looking forward to playing together outside in our yard, and more trips to the park!

We Closed Today

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We closed on our house today! More later; things have been very busy, hectic, and at times stressful - but we are done!

More Pictures of (Hopefully) Our New Home!

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Last weekend, we went back to our new home, to take more pictures, and get some room/window measurements.

The pictures below are part of their own flickr set.