News From the Hometown

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I ran across some interesting news from the hometown:

First, Shelbyville's largest employer, Knauf Fiberglass, suffered a fire in the oldest part of its manufacturing plant. Smoke from the fire caused my old elementary school, Coulston, to close for the day, and efforts to stop the blaze nearly drained the city's water supply and caused several restaurant and school closures. Fortunately, the plant should be up and running again soon.

In more disturbing news, my former sixth-grade teacher, Tom Piles, was suspended by Shelbyville Middle School after being issued a citation for indecent exposure on I-74 near Shelbyville.


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3 Responses to “News From the Hometown”
  1. Chris says:

    This is where Zembrodt works…

  2. Chip Bennett says:

    Zembrodt works at Knauf in Shelbyville? Wow, small world…

    How was he affected by the fire?

  3. Alex says:

    Saddly, Mr. Piles was not suspended. He was about to be fired and he retierd.