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News From the Hometown

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I ran across some interesting news from the hometown:

First, Shelbyville's largest employer, Knauf Fiberglass, suffered a fire in the oldest part of its manufacturing plant. Smoke from the fire caused my old elementary school, Coulston, to close for the day, and efforts to stop the blaze nearly drained the city's water supply and caused several restaurant and school closures. Fortunately, the plant should be up and running again soon.

In more disturbing news, my former sixth-grade teacher, Tom Piles, was suspended by Shelbyville Middle School after being issued a citation for indecent exposure on I-74 near Shelbyville.

Fresh Start at Shelbyville

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My cousin made the local paper again. He's playing #2 singles for the high school tennis team this season.

Blue River 2006 Folk Music Festival

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My hometown church, Town and Country Christian Church in Shelbyville, IN, is hosting the 2006 Blue River Folk Music Festival. The Shelby News has coverage.

Almost A Magical Season

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My high school alma mater almost had a magical season, but the Shelbyville boys basketball team fell to Bloomington South 46-45 in the title game of Class 4A Sectional 14.

Class 4A No. 5-ranked Shelbyville had several chances to find a way to win its first sectional championship since 2001 and keep its unbeaten streak alive, but in the end the Golden Bears were left doing the same thing they did last season — watching Bloomington South celebrate.

Bloomington South senior Cole Holmstrom stole the win in the final minutes then almost gave it back to the Golden Bears, but Sean Drake’s 12-foot jumper from the wing rattled off the rim and into Ben Chappell’s hands. Chappell fired a pass to Holmstrom, who raced up court and ran out the final seconds on the clock to preserve a 46-45 win.

They finished the season 23-1.


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What does a retired Spanish teacher do? Start a web site, of course! The greatest Spanish teacher ever to grace the halls of an Indiana high school recently launched Señ, a web site dedicated to Spanish education:

Señ is a joint venture between a retired high school Spanish teacher of 33 years and one of his former students. The purpose of this project is to offer a valuable educational resource to high school and college Spanish students, Spanish teachers, business professionals, and everyday citizens.

Be sure to check out the articles in La Galeria Hispanica!

Shelbyville High School Tennis

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I remember a couple years ago playing tennis at my old high school with my cousin, Russell, who was then a Freshman. I somehow managed to help talk him into going out for the team, and now he's playing no. 1 doubles and making the news:

Shelbyville’s tennis program needs a little attitude. Not the racket-throwing kind of attitude. It just needs a leader — or two.

The Golden Bears may have finally found that in the No. 1 doubles combination of David Lennen and Russell Bennett.

The recently combined Lennen and Bennett lost their first match Saturday in the Shelbyville Invitational, then bounced back with two straight wins before losing in the championship match to one of the better doubles teams in the state.

Congrats, Russell! The best I ever played was 2-dubs. (Though, that had more to do with the then-coach's asinine policy of using a singles ladder to determine the doubles rankings. Scott Carwein and I should have at least been given a shot at 1-dubs. We were 12-5 our Senior year.) Anyway, well done, Russell, earning that 1-dubs spot! The article continues:

It was just the kind of performance Shelbyville tennis coach Stan Wilkison has been looking for this season.

“I think they are capable of (leading),” Wilkison said. “We are missing that. We can talk about it all day long, but at the end of the day, if they don’t come out with wins, it’s all meaningless.”

Well, I don't know about the "if they don't come out with wins, it's all meaningless" talk, but right on for Russell being a team leader. Attitude, indeed. Just take a look at that 'fro!

Hostage Crisis in the ‘Ville

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Lots of excitement in the hometown this week:

After a standoff lasting nearly 20 hours, a hostage situation was brought to a sudden conclusion at Bigfoot Food Store, 2905 E. State Road 44...

The lengthy episode began at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday when [Dennis ] McAninch became involved in a high-speed chase with police officers that began in Batesville.

McAninch crashed his car at the intersection of Interstate 74 and State Road 44, fired shots at officers who were pursuing him, then entered the Bigfoot Food Store and gas station and took the hostage.

Can't tell you how many times I got gas and drinks at that Bigfoot growing up. (And I've always thought of that rock out front as somewhat of a landmark; it's rather an oddity - and potentially saved a teenager's life that morning.)

Some follow-up on the story: the hostage-taker's death is being ruled a suicide, and the hostage talks about her ordeal.

Indy Star coverage here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Congratulatins, Eric

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The Shelbyville News announces the engagement of Michelle Copple and Eric Haehl. Eric went to high school with me, and graduated a year ahead of me.