REVIEW: Texas Roast Organic Mexican Chiapas

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The FedEx delivery man brought me a very good package over the weekend: the Organic Mexican Chiapas beans I ordered from Texas Roast, which the company describes as follows:

This is a simple and bright coffee with a rustic aroma. You can almost hear the Mexican music playing in the background for a Cinqo de Mayo clebration as you enjoy this lively cup. It's a perfect coffee to start the day!

That description is pretty accurate. Upon opening the bag, the aroma almost immediately sent me south of the border. (I already have a fondness for Mexican varietal beans, and this one does not disappoint!) The brew tasted darker than the roast appears, but for my tastes I found it to be well-balanced - and I lean more toward darker roasts in general, so I've enjoyed every cup brewed so far from this bag. Nice, medium body, with a hint of brightness in the acidity.

So far, based on this bag, I am impressed with what Texas Roast has to offer!


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