Nightmare Closed

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A nearly two-month long nightmare has come to a close:

Two St. Charles County chemists who have been living in fear for seven weeks after a former co-worker shot one of them, got word Thursday that their nightmare had ended.

Police told them that a badly decomposed body found in a remote area of Crawford County is believed to be that of Michael William Schreiner, the man who was wanted for a shooting ambush in St. Charles last month. The two chemists had filed complaints against Schreiner, which may have led to his being fired as a chemist from KV Pharmaceuticals.

Yeah, that's the same KV Pharmaceutical Company...


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What does a retired Spanish teacher do? Start a web site, of course! The greatest Spanish teacher ever to grace the halls of an Indiana high school recently launched Señ, a web site dedicated to Spanish education:

Señ is a joint venture between a retired high school Spanish teacher of 33 years and one of his former students. The purpose of this project is to offer a valuable educational resource to high school and college Spanish students, Spanish teachers, business professionals, and everyday citizens.

Be sure to check out the articles in La Galeria Hispanica!

GodBlogCon 05

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GodBlogCon God Blog Convention
GodBlog Convention 2005, Biola University

Shelbyville High School Tennis

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I remember a couple years ago playing tennis at my old high school with my cousin, Russell, who was then a Freshman. I somehow managed to help talk him into going out for the team, and now he's playing no. 1 doubles and making the news:

Shelbyville’s tennis program needs a little attitude. Not the racket-throwing kind of attitude. It just needs a leader — or two.

The Golden Bears may have finally found that in the No. 1 doubles combination of David Lennen and Russell Bennett.

The recently combined Lennen and Bennett lost their first match Saturday in the Shelbyville Invitational, then bounced back with two straight wins before losing in the championship match to one of the better doubles teams in the state.

Congrats, Russell! The best I ever played was 2-dubs. (Though, that had more to do with the then-coach's asinine policy of using a singles ladder to determine the doubles rankings. Scott Carwein and I should have at least been given a shot at 1-dubs. We were 12-5 our Senior year.) Anyway, well done, Russell, earning that 1-dubs spot! The article continues:

It was just the kind of performance Shelbyville tennis coach Stan Wilkison has been looking for this season.

“I think they are capable of (leading),” Wilkison said. “We are missing that. We can talk about it all day long, but at the end of the day, if they don’t come out with wins, it’s all meaningless.”

Well, I don't know about the "if they don't come out with wins, it's all meaningless" talk, but right on for Russell being a team leader. Attitude, indeed. Just take a look at that 'fro!

Jetta Milestone

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Jetta 50K 002
Jetta 50K 002

2003 VW Jetta Wolfsburg turns 50K miles

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The Jetta turned 50,000 miles Wednesday. I got it July 2004, with right at 17,000 miles. So, in 14 months, I've put 33,000+ miles on it, or almost 2,000 miles a month. So far, so good. I'm getting about 30MPG on average. It's about time for a tune-up, probably; gotta keep the turbo happy!

32 Years, And Counting

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Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Labor Day Road Trip

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Mason & Callie Sleeping

Mason and Calia Kiel
9th September, 2005

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After work Friday, Anna and I set off for an 800-mile road trip to Indianapolis, IN, and Bowling Green, KY. After watching a rather enjoyable sunset along I-70, our first stop found us on the northwest side of Indianapolis, where we stayed Friday night with the Kiels. Matt is the big brother I never had (literally and figuratively, as he is my Fraternity Big Brother). He and his wife, Casey, have two children: Mason, 3, and Calia, 6 weeks.

The picture here was taken a couple weeks ago by Casey, but was too cute not to use (that, and in my ongoing saga with remembering to bring my camera, but forgetting actually to take pictures with it, I didn't get any of the family while we were there).

Visits with Matt and Casey always seem so short; this one was, unfortunately, no different. But it did include memorable moments such as my first-ever experience being peed on by a baby, and Mason explaining to us where Jesus lives and what He did for us, along with several other always-funny ruminations of a three-year-old.

Labor Day Trip 001
Labor Day Trip 001

Grandma Bennett and Anna, Labor Day weekend, 2005
9th September, 2005

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Saturday morning, Anna and I left the Kiels and drove down Lafayette Road to the west side to spend some time with my Grandma. This visit was Anna's first opportunity to meet anyone from my family, and Grandma made her feel right at home, regaling us with stories of the family - especially of my dad, growing up. We went out to eat for lunch, drove Anna by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, since the largest racetrack she had seen before was Gateway, and since Grandma lives only two miles from the Brickyard. Afterward, we headed south to Kentucky.

Labor Day Trip 007
Labor Day Trip 007

Kurt and Kathy Brandt, Lauren, Zach, Noah, and Luke, with Chip and Anna, Labor Day weekend, 2005
9th September, 2005

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Now that Indiana has raised the rural speed limits to 70mph, the drive to Bowling Green was a bit shorter than I expected. We arrived at the Brandt house mid-afternoon. Kurt and Kathy pastored at my church in Michigan - Kalamazoo Valley Family Church - and have since moved to Kentucky to plant a church. They have four children: Lauren, 12, Zach, 9, Noah, 3, and Luke, 9 months. I was close to the family when we all lived in Michigan, since they led the young adult ministry. I became even closer to Kurt during a mission trip to Manchester, England, right before I moved to St. Louis.

We spent the next two days mostly just relaxing and visiting. We spent some time with Ranger, a horse they are leasing/boarding, and their dog Misty. Anna and I each took a turn in the hammock, her falling asleep reading Sunday afternoon, and me enjoying a cool morning while reading my daily One Year Bible reading Monday. We attended the Brandt's church Sunday morning, and took part in the nascent Sunday-lunch-and-games tradition. Monday was also Kurt's birthday, which we celebrated Sunday night. Kathy gave Anna a book to take home, and I started and finished To Train Up A Child, by Michael and Judy Pearl.

In all, it was just a relaxing time. We headed back west late Monday afternoon, and drove through a gorgeous sunset as we crossed the Ohio River. Anna and I got to spend some quality "alone" time, especially while driving, and had some great conversations and just enjoyed each other's company. And she finally got the chance to start meeting my family and close friends.