Name That Speaker

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Senator John Cornryn (R-TX) exposes the blatant hypocrisy of Null Party Senators by using their own words against them, in his Name That Speaker web site. I was going to dig for some of these quotes, but he's already done it.

Bring on the Filibuster! The Null Party is about to go down in flames.

(Hat Tip: ConfirmThem)


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2 Responses to “Name That Speaker”
  1. middendorf says:

    i tell you what chip… It’s good to see there are still some people out there among the republican crowd who are absolutely shameless about our devotion to divulging the hypocrisy of the leftist rabble

  2. CB says:

    Liberal hypocrisy will be the topic of my first major treatise. It, along with the complicity of the MSM, infuriates me. What the Null Party Senators are doing to these judges is abhorrent, as their own words demonstrate.