Official: Senate Democrats Obstructionist Crybabies

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In a statement released today, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott took the Minority Democrat Party to task for shutting down the Senate in an action tantamount to a bratty kid taking his ball - or, more accurately stealing the ball from its owner - and going home in order to prevent the completion of the game he has clearly lost:

“What a difference a day makes. Less than 24 hours after he complained the Senate is ignoring issues important to Americans, Democrat Leader Harry Reid today threatened progress on an energy bill, a jobs bill, disaster relief, and a closed intelligence meeting.

“To close down the committees over the judges issue is not only counterproductive, it could hurt Americans looking for work or suffering at the gas pumps.

“Despite any differences over the judges, the American people want their government to continue working on issues important to them. They want the Senate to do its job.

“Despite his suggestions to the contrary, Senator Reid’s actions speak volumes. It would appear the Democrats’ threat to shut down the Senate has already begun.”

This action isn't even the nascent MSM/Democrat-darling filibuster; what the Democrats are doing is a complete obstruction of the Constitutionally mandated role of the Senate, and abdication of thier responsibilities as Senators. Apparently, these Senators from the Null Party™ didn't learn the Lesson of Daschle. They will. They are now officially the Deadbeat Party, and they will pay the price for their insolence at the polls.

(Hat Tip: ConfirmThem)