2010 NFL Draft – Colts: Round 2

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With the 63th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts take:

Pat Angerer, MLB, Iowa

Pat Angerer, MLB, Iowa

Pat Angerer, MLB, Iowa


  • HT: 6'0 / WT: 235 / 40: 4.69
  • Career: 2009 - 135 tackles, 4 TFL
  • 2009 First-Team All American, 2009 Second-Team All American, 2009 First-Team All Big-Ten


Most draft analysts projected Angerer to be a mid-round prospect and a solid contributor and eventual starter at ILB. Angerer is a solid-tackling ball hawk who contains well. Excellent run defender and shows speed in covering the field. That the Colts took Angerer in the second round perhaps indicates that the team thinks he has the potential to be groomed as Gary Brackett's eventual replacement.

Player Comparisons:

Gary Brackett


Draft Analysis:

  • NFL.com

    The Colts add a solid all-around player in Pat Angerer. The former Iowa standout was very productive as a collegian, and shows outstanding instincts for the position. Though he isn't over athletic, he plays faster than he tests and is an underrated playmaker. He gives the Colts much-needed depth.

  • ESPN.com

    What he brings: Angerer is a three-down inside linebacker who can hold his own in coverage and shows above-average closing speed when asked to rush the passer. He needs to improve his power and ability to stack and shed. That said, he is a sound tackler with above-average range.

  • Yahoo Sports

    An ideal fit for the Colts' Cover 2 scheme. Angerer is an undersized guy who runs well as a linear athlete and knows how to find the football in all areas of the game.

Scouting Reports

  • Draft Board Insider (Rank: #6 ILB)

    (No Analysis)

  • NFL.com (Grade: 6.2)

    Angerer is an undersized linebacker that has been a very productive two year starter for the Hawkeyes. He is a tough competitive player that leverages the ball well. He understands angles and run fits well but gets smothered too often by offensive lineman. Angerer is best when covered up and likely needs to be in a scheme at the next level that will let him free flow to the pile. Angerer is a good athlete but may have some limitations in pure man coverage. He is a solid open field tackler but doesn’t pack a punch on contact. Angerer is a good football player that is limited some by his size but should contribute on special teams and in a backup role as a rookie.

  • SI.com (Grade: 2.63 - Future Starter)

    Positives: Fierce, run-defending linebacker who's been a very productive the past two seasons. Displays terrific instincts and wherewithal on the field, remains disciplined with assignments and gives effort until the whistle blows. Fires up the field in run defense, displays better than average speed to the flanks and a stout run defender. Fills the correct holes in run defense, works hard to get off blocks and consistently around the ball-carrier. Fights with his hands to get off blocks, breaks down well, nicely redirects to the action.

    Negatives: Gets caught up in the traffic. Not quick flipping his hips in coverage and does not get depth on drops. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball.

    Analysis: Angerer has been incredibly productive at Iowa and is a terrific run-defending linebacker who also displayed coverage skills during the combine. Lacks the great measurables to play in the middle yet could be a solid inside linebacker in a 3-4 alignment.

  • Mocking The Draft (Rank: #100 out of Top 200, #4 ILB)

    Coverage: Angerer excels at figuring out screen plays and blowing them up. Doesn't get fooled by play action when he's asked to drop back. Has lined up against receivers on the line, but shouldn't be considered a great coverage linebacker. Still, Angerer has good enough awareness to stay on the field on obvious passing downs and cover an area in zone.

    Instincts: Was a two-year starter who played in 43 career games. Has good instincts and always seems to be playing on the balls of his feet. Plays with a lot of aggressiveness and flies all over the field. Read quickly and doesn't make false movements.

    Pass rush: Was not asked to blitz a lot and shouldn't be. That's because he doesn't have very good size and will engulfed by blockers. Struggles to disengage, even though he gives good effort.

    Pursuit: Angerer is a super high motor guy. Although he's a little stiff in his movements, he makes plays all over the field. He may never be the first guy to the ball carrier, but he closes fast and finishes off a lot of plays.

    Run defense: Very smart as a run defender. Keeps his shoulders square to the line when the play is still in front of him and shuffles down. More quick than strong to avoid blockers. May not attack the line of scrimmage as much as you'd like, but rarely allowed running backs to get past him in his area.

  • National Football Post (Grade: 5.7 - Backup/Depth Caliber)

    A short, tightly wound linebacker who does a nice job locating the football, Angerer is very active inside the box. He isn't long-armed but displays a quick, compact punch which allows him to keep himself clean when working his way through traffic. He lacks ideal size and has a tendency to get washed out of plays away from his frame too easily, struggling to work sideline-to-sideline. Is the definition of a straight-line athlete, displays a good burst in pursuit and gets up to full speed quickly. Is a very sound tackler who consistently takes good angles toward the ball and wraps up well on contact.

    Lacking fluidity in coverage, Angerer is forced to open up his hips initially in his drop and sidesaddle his way down the field. Struggles quickly getting out of his breaks and looks stiff when asked to redirect and change directions in space. Yet he possesses great instincts in the pass game and consistently gets good jumps on the ball by reading the quarterback's eyes. Displays natural ball skills and good hands when asked to go up and make a play on the ball. Overall, he's an instinctive, hard-nosed linebacker with impressive closing speed for the position. He lacks the ideal size, but he has a place in the NFL. Looks more like reserve middle linebacker/special teams guy than a starter.

  • NFL Draft Countdown (Rating: 2 Stars / Projection: Round 3/4)

    (No Analysis)

  • Fox Sports

    Thought to be limited athletically, Angerer had unexpectedly strong workouts at the combine. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.69 seconds, finished ninth among linebackers with a 4.29-second 20-yard shuttle and tied for eighth in the bench press with 26 repetitions. That performance will help discount the notion that his production at Iowa was only a product of hard work, instincts and smarts. His 145 tackles as a senior rank fifth in Hawkeyes history. Of those stops, 14 1/2 were for loss as Angerer went on to earn second-team All-American honors. He first caught the eyes of scouts as a junior, posting 107 tackles and five interceptions while developing into a team leader who inspired teammates with his intensity. Angerer is a tough run defender, effective at making his way through blockers to get to the ball carrier. Angerer, though, needs to use his hands and leverage better to disengage from blocks. He's easily taken out of plays when he isn't able to avoid offensive linemen. He's an effective tackler, but isn't a big hitter. In pass coverage, Angerer is smooth when dropping into zones, reads the quarterback's eyes well and has good hands. Play-action passes and misdirection rarely fool him. He has the quickness to recover after a false step. Angerer's effort at the combine should bump him up from a late pick to the middle rounds.

  • FFToolbox (Rank: N/A in Top 100)

    Pat Angerer had a very solid 2009 season. Angerer didn't see much action during his first two years with Iowa, appearing in 17 games and recording 6 tackles on special teams. He took over a starting position as a junior when he finished the season with 107 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 5 interceptions, and 8 passes broken up. Angerer continued to anchor a strong Hawkeyes defense this year with 145 tackles, 5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 1 interception, 6 passes broken up, and 2 forced fumble in the Hawkeyes 13 games. Like many players coached by Kirk Ferentz, Angerer is a solid all around football player. Hawkeyes don't always look like stars, but NFL coaches know they know how to play the game. He's slightly undersized to play middle linebacker in the NFL, but makes up for this with great instincts. Angerer is one of those players who will find his way onto a team's roster one way or another. He is likely a fourth round selection, and would give a team a good young reserve (or possibly a starter) and likely an outstanding special teams contributor.

  • WalterFootball (Rank: #3 ILB)

    You don't want to mess with a guy who is "more than anger." Projecting as a 4-3 middle linebacker, Pat Angerer garnered a whopping 135 tackles and four TFL in 2009.

  • NFL Draft Geek (Rank: #7 ILB / Tier 2)

    Pat Angerer is about as reliable as they come, an experienced leader in Kirk Ferentz' pro-style defense, sure tackler, and is good enough in coverage to stay on the field on 3rd down. Is a very good athlete, nice speed (4.7), is comfortable in space, and very quick feet to evade blockers. On the flip side, Angerer needs to get stronger, he doesn't take on blockers well, and gets shut down at the line of scrimmage. He is not a much of a pass rusher, and doesn't shoot through the line to make plays in the backfield. Also has some minor injury concerns that derailed his first 2 years at Iowa. Angerer is N.F.L ready, and could play significant time as a rookie. While not flashy, Angerer is a very reliable player who will get the job done, he doesn't have the greatest upside, but should have a lengthy career in the N.F.L. Angerer should get picked in the 3rd round.


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