Colorado Legislature Tries to Vote Away State Soverignty

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Apparently, our education system has been dumbed-down sufficiently that the entire concept of our country's founding as a federation of sovereign states is becoming lost.

Via Lucianne, the Colorado House passed legislation that would award the state's electoral-college votes not to the state's popular-vote winner, but rather to the national popular-vote winner:

Currently, whoever wins most of the country's 538 electoral votes becomes president. Under Tuesday's bill, Colorado would send its nine electoral votes to the winner of the most popular votes nationally.

"Basically, whoever receives the most votes for president in all 50 states should become president," said the sponsor, Rep. Andy Kerr, D-Lakewood.

Basically, Andy Kerr is an idiot, and has no business holding elected office. Basically, Andy Kerr needs to go back to school and take a basic American History/Civics course.

Though, I have to imagine that the people of Colorado won't look too kindly on having their votes for President completely ignored.

The last paragraph in the article belies the underlying motivation for such legislation:

Had the scheme been in place in 2000, Colorado would have sent its electoral votes to Al Gore, who won the national popular vote, even though the majority of Colorado voters chose George W. Bush.

Apparently, some Democrats are still trying to get Al Gore elected in the 2000 presidential race.


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2 Responses to “Colorado Legislature Tries to Vote Away State Soverignty”
  1. Clay says:

    Just when I think I have heard it all, someone in government manages to out do the previous case of complete government stupidity.

  2. Chip Bennett says:

    I fear we’ve not seen the end of such stupidity.