Top Chef: Season 4

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Tonight the premiere for season four of Top Chef aired. As you all are well aware, I'm sure, this show is one of our favorites.

I would like to follow along a bit better, and blog my thoughts and reactions to each episode - but that will depend on how much time I can spare for blogging (which hasn't been much, lately). We'll see how it goes!

Of course, watching Top Chef always seems to inspire me in the kitchen, and tonight I (hopefully) proved that I still know my way with an omelet. (Steph's opinion may differ; I'm still getting adjusted to cooking with gas.)

Well that's all for tonight; hopefully there will be more later. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a chiropractor, which will hopefully make things a bit easier (apparently, I overdid it with the moving and unpacking, as I have had a sore back for a week or two).