Grandma Carrie, Rest in Peace

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I received some very unexpected news this week, when my mom emailed me to say that my Grandma Carrie had passed away.

Carrie Pilant wasn't my biological grandmother, but she was, in my mother's words, the only real mother that my mother knew. Some of my oldest memories are of visits to see Grandma Carrie and Papaw Wayne "down on the farm" - from my dad's hunting trips (even the ones he let me go with him), to playing in the fields with my "cousins", to Sundays - with church service at Friendly Grove, a big Sunday dinner back at the house, and an afternoon nap.

Grandma Carrie had suffered through various health issues in recent years, but from all accounts, her passing was unexpected. Unfortunately, it was so sudden that I was unable to coordinate the time off from work to attend her funeral, which took place Thursday.

I don't know what more to say right now, other than that I haven't really lost my grandma; she has just gone home. If anyone loved the Lord, she did; and now she is with Him for eternity. I sympathize the most with those in her family on whom she had such a profound impact.

Rest in Peace, Grandma Carrie.


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One Response to “Grandma Carrie, Rest in Peace”
  1. JuJu says:

    She certainly was a special, one-of-a-kind lady.

    I’ll miss her so very much.