Bad Day: Update

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The Chesterfield Police Officer who handled my report just stopped by to tell me that my car has turned up, abandoned, in Columbia, IL.

I don't have any specific information yet, including what condition it is in. All I know is that the car was abandoned, and the local police had 10-hour tagged it. When the towing company came to tow the car, they ran the plates, and the wanted bulletin that the Chesterfield PO had put out on it showed up.

The Police Investigator who is now handling my case should be by later this afternoon. I'll keep you posted.


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2 Responses to “Bad Day: Update”
  1. mark says:

    Uh, yeah. Probably a vagrant, slept in the car. Or perhaps just used it as a toilet, and moved on.

    Ask them if they have any promising leads?

  2. cb says:

    We’ll find out, hopefully this afternoon.

    And yes, I know exactly who took it, and who they’ve been calling with my phone.

    Only a matter of time; I have WAY too much identifying information with which to track them down, for them to hope to get away.