One Of The Reasons I’m a Fan

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The Colts moved to Indianapolis when I was seven years old. (Ironically enough, before then, I was a Steelers fan - insofar as a toddler can be a "fan" of anything; but I do remember my Steelers pajamas.) While I followed my new hometown team since their arrival, my footbal fanatacism began in earnest in high school, and gained prominence when my interest in baseball waned after the mid-90s strike. I discovered true passion for the team because of the players: Biscuit, Goose, Captain Comeback of the mid-90s era, to the players today. I appreciate that the team - whether be design or coincidence - seems to emulate the midwestern values of its host city: hard work, humility, faith. When Tony Dungy was hired as head coach, I couldn't have imagined a better choice. He is a great coach, but he is an even greater man. A good coach sets the tone for the team, and this Colts team is truly a family:

Every year, we hear about teams whose bonds have been forged through the fires of adversity -- adversity meaning a three-game losing streak. The members of this organization, though, have come together through the most personal and distressing of all circumstances.

The Colts are not just the best team in the league and the prohibitive favorite to win Super Bowl XL. They are also the most united, the most resolute team, and they have been all season.

Anyone who follows this team knows that such sentiment is more than just flattery. And I'll say without hesitation that the team unity has much to do with the faith of it's coach - it's leader and symbolic father: the same faith shared by many of the players:

The Colts' Johnson, 45, leads a weekly Bible study for coaches and another for players. With his wife, Della, he hosts Bible studies for players and their wives and offers marriage counseling.

He delivers a short sermon and sometimes sings at the 30-minute worship services over which he is primarily responsible on the eve of most games.

Not that I would try to put anyone up on a pedestal, but is good to be able to follow and root for men like these. It makes the success that much sweeter. In the words of Bob Kravitz:

A Super Bowl won't bring James back, won't be a salve on a wound that will last forever. But for a group that has cried together, the chance to celebrate together, to chase away one man's grief for a couple of hours, would be very sweet, indeed.


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  1. russ says:

    So much for our superbowl this year! 🙁