Political Poaching

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RINOs are about to become an endangered species. They are now in season. Seven spineless betraying numbnuts have just sabotaged the clear majority that America sent to the US Senate, and the electorate will not forget. Seven RINOs have just expended the last of their political capital, and we will make them pay.

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2 Responses to “Political Poaching”
  1. Hagel from my State is on that list I hope.

    I blogrolled you for this post. Keep it up.

  2. CB says:

    Hagel has been acting like he finally realizes we see him for the RINO he is (just like my former home-state Senator, Lugar, has become, having been inside the beltway for too long).

    Too little, too late. We require Senators with both spinal and intestinal fortitude.

    Thanks for the blogroll; I will return the favor.