I Love Ann

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Ann Coulter nails the idiocy of the Seven Nitwits:

The deal they struck, this masterful Peace of Westphalia, simply put into writing the rule that the minority party controls the Senate — which will remain the rule until the Democrats aren't the minority party anymore.

If the Democrats had a 10-vote majority, you can be sure they wouldn't cow-tow to the Republicans under the guise of "minority rights", "Senate tradition of deliberation", and "fundamental checks and balance". They would ram through their Liberal agenda - hard.

Kinda like what the American people want the Republicans to do with a Conservative agenda, as Ann points out:

But even so, didn't we win the last election? Why, yes, we did! And didn't we win a majority in the Senate? Yes, we did! To be precise, Republicans have won a majority of Senate seats the past six consecutive elections. (And the last six consecutive elections in the House of Representatives, too!)

I think that means Republicans should win. Republican senators support Bush's nominees and Democratic senators oppose them. The way disagreements like this are ordinarily sorted out in a democracy is that a vote is taken among our elected representatives, and majority vote wins.

If the Senate Republicans can't get it done, I have a two-word suggestion: Recess Appointments.