The Beginning

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I have a confession to make...I'm actually writing this on the sixth. Oh well. I started the first day of my final quarter as a college student. It's funny; until this year, I really wasn't ready to leave college, but now I'm ready to graduate. Sure, there are a lot of things I'll miss about college life, but being the stereotypical poor college student is definitely not one of them. Granted, I don't yet havea job lined up, but I'm optimistic that I will get that taken care of before too long.

Anyway, about this quarter. I've been waiting five years to get the schedule I have this quarter. I start at 10:00, and am done by 1:30 every day. And ,after spring break (first week of April), I will start at 11:45 and still be done at 1:30. This is the first quarter in my five years of college that I won't have a lab.

Which means that I will have a lot more free time than I'm used to. But not to worry...I'll have no problem filling that time. Frist, I'm going to be practing with the tennis team again this year. I played my first three years here, but didn't last year because I was in the Spring musical. I'm in the musical again this year, but only got a chorus part, which is a bit disappointing. Especially since I've been in Drama the whole time I've been here. Granted, the first three years I only played in the pit orchestra; but still, I had a principle role last year, and this year I'm in the chorus. Needless to say, that upset me a little but. But my disappointment was tempered by my participation in the musical at St. Mary-of-the-Woods college (The Woods), an all-female catholic school about 20 minutes from here. We did The Pirates of Penzance, and I had the role of Samuel. That musical was one of the most fun things I've done in a while. Even though I'm going in to engineering, I hope to be able to pursue music and theater after graduation.

Speaking of the Woods brings up another issue; namely, the girls there. A few in particular have been important of late. The first, I'll call Sarah, and she works on the Tech crew at the Woods. I actually met her at the Woods porch dance at the beginning of this year, but I didn't get to know her well until I went to see Twelfth Night at the Woods last fall. The othe one, I'll call Amanda. I got to know her during the course of Pirates. Now, Sarah and I have actually gone out. I took her to my fraternity formal. Since then, she has been the source of much confusion and frustration. I'm sure I'll get into it more later, but in short, she tells me that she is interested in going out, but never seems to have time to do so. Amanda is different; under the right circumstances, I would consider asking her out. That said, those circumstances do not currently exist. For one, one of my brothers is interested in her (and in fact, they have gone out), and out of principle, I will not pursue someone my brother is interested in. Also, I have been told by a couple of people (who shall remain anonymous) that I shouldn't be interested in her. But we seem to have a good chemistry. There have been numerous times in which we have spent hours talking on AOL IM about anything and everything. We actually think a lot alike, which, knowing me, is kind of scary :). I know that I like her, but I don't know that I would ask her out. At the same time, the issue of Sarah is still there. This has been an ongoing thing for over two months now. I'm almost to the point where I don't know if I'm even still interested. For the past few weeks, I've been of the impression that, while I would willingly and happily date her if she were interested, I would have to assume that unless she tells me otherwise, she's not interested. In this case, I know that she knows exactly how I feel about her. In talking to some of her friends, I'm beginning to think that there is an insurmountable maturity differnece between us. Apparently, she has a habit of ignoring or otherwise not talking to guys who are interested in her...basically, a real high school approach. Well, I don't want to deal with high school immaturity in college. I'll explain the whole story in more detail later. I just bring it up now, because I've been think about it.

I'm feeling really good today. Over Christmas break, my parents introduced me to a diet that they had decided to try. It is called the Atkins diet. The Atkins diet is a ketogenic diet, which in short means that, by restricting carbohydrate intake, your body begins a process called ketosis/lypolysis. This medicalese means that, instead of metablolizing carbohydrates to form glucose (the fuel that the blood carries to cells), the body will breakdown body fat (lypolysis) to form ketones, which the body uses as an alternate fuel source. Despite what you may hear, this diet is nutritionally sound, and not only helps overweight, but also improves cholesterol and blood pressure, and other blood/heart conditions. Well, as of sometime last week, I had lost 31 punds since January 4 of this year. I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear since high school (and even then, they were really tight). I'll get into this more later also, but I'm just excited right now because I can already see improvements in my tennis game. (Tennis is one of my original passions.)

Well, I'm going to get ready for tennis practice...I'll actually write a March 6th entry later today.