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Do you use WordPress? Do you use several plugins? Have you ever considered donating to the authors of the plugins you use, but find it rather inconvenient to find each plugin's listing at Extend, just to find the author's Donate link?

If so, then you will find the cbnet Manage Plugins Donate Link plugin to be incredibly useful.

Donate Link

Donate link displayed in list of links beneath the plugin description

Plugin authors define their Donate link in the plugin's readme.txt file. This plugin reads each plugin's readme.txt to find the Donate link, and then, if it finds one, adds that link to the list of links in plugin_row_meta beneath the plugin description on the Manage Plugins page.

With this plugin enabled, you will have quick, convenient, one-stop access to the Donate links for the authors of all your installed plugins.

My hope is that this plugin will encourage more voluntary donations to plugin authors, most of whom put in countless hours of unpaid code contribution to the WordPress community. More and more plugin authors, out of economic necessity, are moving to "freemium", subscription, or other paid models, because they simply do not receive donations from those who use their plugins.

This plugin is but a humble attempt to encourage more users to donate to plugin authors.



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