2009 NFL Draft – Colts: Round 6

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With the 201st overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts take:

Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue
Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue

Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue
(HT: 6'3" / WT: 225lbs / 40: 4.87)


  • ESPN.com

    Painter has excellent size and a live arm to make all the NFL throws. However, he locks on to his No. 1 receiver too much and must do a better job with his overall decision making.

  • NFL.com

    Strengths: Good size and bulk for the position. Durable four-year starter from a system that produced starting NFL QBs Drew Brees (Saints) and Kyle Orton (Bears). Quick set up and delivery. Legitimate NFL arm strength and accuracy. Can make every NFL throw, showing the zip, touch and deep accuracy necessary to attack every level of the defense. When given time in the pocket, shows very good accuracy. Can hit the moving target, giving his receivers the opportunity to take advantage of their abilities to run after the catch. Not particularly athletic, but can roll out, square his shoulders and throw accurately on the move.

    Weaknesses: Struggles with pressure. Fails to feel the pocket collapsing around him and too often either absorbs hits or forces the ball into coverage. Will stare down his primary target and trusts his arm strength to put the ball into extraordinarily tight windows. Simply hasn't made the improvements throughout his career expected of a four-year starter. Has struggled in big-game situations. Missed time as a senior with a separated right shoulder that requires a medical check.

  • SI.com

    POSITIVES: Nice-sized passer with an erratic game. Patient in the pocket, displays a good knowledge where his receivers are on the field, and goes through receiver progressions. Displays zip on the short and intermediate passes. Gets outside the pocket and then makes the throw on the move. Stands in the pocket and takes a hit in order to get the ball away.

    NEGATIVES: Changes his point of release, which adversely affects his accuracy. Struggles hitting receivers in stride, scatters passes, and usually high of the mark when he tries to put extra zip on throws. Puts the ball up for grab and tosses the pass in to covered receivers. Holds the ball too long and gets antsy under the rush. Rarely came through in the big game for Purdue.

    ANALYSIS: After looking like an NFL prospect early in his Purdue career, Painter has struggled to capitalize the past two seasons. He possesses average arm strength, less-than- desirable accuracy, and makes poor decisions. Painter has the tools to work with, and he showed positive signs at the combine. He must get his game back on track and learn to play in a disciplined NFL passing system to have a career at the next level.

  • Fanhouse

    Bryan Hoyer has officially fallen off the draft's metaphorical cliff. Painter's a marginal prospect at best.

  • NFL Draft Countdown


    Terrific height and bulk...Arm strength is more than adequate...Solid mechanics...Quick delivery...Good anticipation and timing...Has a lot of big-time experience...Very productive...Decent program pedigree.


    Not a great athlete...Can be wildly inconsistent...Lacks great accuracy and touch...Makes too many bad decisions...Tends to stare down his targets...Isn't very mobile...Footwork will have to be tweaked...Did not play in a pro style offense..Leadership ability has been questioned.

  • Scout.com

    STRENGTHS: Pocket Awareness, Release, Size

    AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Accuracy / Consistency, Decision-making

    Painter has ideal size and possesses strong mechanics. He stands tall in the pocket and displays good awareness. He has a quick release and is accurate hitting his receivers in stride. He’s a tough competitor who buys time for his receivers and will stay in the pocket until the very last moment to complete a pass. He has the ability to escape the pocket and make throws on the run.

  • Fox Sports

    While Painter has good size for the position, possesses some speed, a legitimate arm and comes from the program that sent Drew Brees and Kyle Orton to the NFL, prospective teams could be scared off by the shoulder injury. In the right situation, and if his shoulder checks out, Painter could be a steal in the middle rounds.

  • Football's Future


    Painter is a very good pocket passer that has shown the ability to sling the football all over the field, racking up amazing numbers in the process. He has a strong frame and the toughness to sit in the pocket until his man gets open. Painter also shows a very good arm, and should not have any problems getting the ball to his receivers at the NFL level. He also has a knack for being able to elude the rush and buy time to make things happen.


    The big issue with Painter is the issue all Purdue QB’s face, and that is the system. It is favorable to posting very good stats for the QB, but more importantly, has the QB lining up in shotgun formation. Painter will need to learn to take the snap from under center, and learn to start reading the action dropping back instead of getting the ball in position to see the entire field. The progress he displayed as a junior was halted as a senior, where he looked more like he did during his first two years in the program. He was getting flustered in the pocket and forcing bad throws down the field.


    Painter was arguably the top senior QB entering the season but like his main competition for that title, Cullen Harper, he struggled. He took a step back and is now a late round pick at best. He has some tools to develop so someone may take a flyer on him but Painter has a tough road ahead of him and will have a long wait on draft day.