McCain on Palin: “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish”

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...and by "fish" I mean, of course, all of the conservative voters McCain reeled in by naming Palin as his Veep.

When asked by George Stephanopoulos, McCain refused to say whether he would support Sarah Palin if she ran for president:

"Listen I have the greatest appreciation for Gov. Palin and her family and it was a great joy to know them," McCain said. "She invigorated our campaign and she was just down in Georgia and she invigorated their campaign."

"But I can't say something like that," McCain said, "We've got some great other young governors, Pawlenty, Huntsman."

Stephanopoulos then pressed McCain regarding why he picked Palin to begin with, to which he replied:

"Well sure, but now we're in a whole election cycle... Have no doubt of my admiration and respect for her and her viability... but at this stage my corpse is still warm!"

Well, McCain has one thing right: he is a corpse - politically speaking, with respect to all of us conservatives who held our noses to cast our votes for him despite the stench of his duplicitous treatment of both conservatism and the Republican party that nominated him. And if it hadn't been for Palin, he wouldn't have had enough remains even to identify as a corpse.

H/T Josh Painter at RedState, who reacted appropriately:

The man rarely misses an opportunity to stab conservatives in the back, except when he kicks them in the stomach... Aside from his military service for his country, John McCain has proven time after time that to him, such values as honor, loyalty and respect are a one-way street.

John McCain: you are but a fraction of the person Sarah Palin is. You also aren't half the presidential prospect she is - something the conservative base you alienated will prove to you in four years should Palin decide to run. You can take your stinking corpse and your disrespect, and shove them both back into your RINO senate seat.


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One Response to “McCain on Palin: “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish””
  1. Stephanie Bennett says:

    Wow, so does this mean that you are hoping that McCain will run again? LOL