OYB March 14

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Today´s reading:
OT: Numbers 21, Numbers 22:1-20
NT: Luke 1:26-56
Ps: Psalm 57
Pr: Proverbs 11:9-11

Today´s notable verses:

That is why the Book of the Wars of the LORD says...

Numbers 21:14 (NIV)

What is the Book of the Wars of the Lord? From Wikipedia:

The Book of the wars of The Lord, or The Book of the wars of Yahweh, is one of several books referenced in the Hebrew Bible, of which no copies are known to exist. It is mentioned in Numbers 21:14-15, (verses 13-15)... Amongst academics, it is generally thought to be a collection of victory songs/poems, although some non-academics have proposed it may be a prose military history.

The Book of the Wars of the Lord is only one of a few "lost" works we will encounter this year.

Israel captured all the cities of the Amorites and occupied them, including Heshbon and all its surrounding settlements.

Numbers 21:25 (NIV)

The Israelites occupied the erstwhile Amorite cities, and settled there. Was this settlement permanent - did some of the Israelites never enter the promised land - or was it temporary - only until the assembly moved on?

The One Year Bible Blog asks:

Proverbs chapter 11 verse 11 is a great reminder to each of us to be good citizens - "Upright citizens bless a city and make it prosper." Are you striving to be an upright citizen blessing your city and helping to make it prosper?

Reading this verse, I was struck by how part of our witness of Christ is that our cities - our communities - are to be blessed through us. This blessing is to be especially in contrast to the curse that the wicked bring to a city/community. I wonder how often the body of Christ is recognized - or, worse, even recognizable - as a blessing to our community? This thought is certainly sobering. I pray that God would use His church to bless the cities in which His believers live - starting with me!