All Things Work Together

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I'm incredibly exhausted right now. It's been a long 36 hours. I woke up yesterday to a beautiful August morning, and drove over to pick up Anna (we're trying to work out going to my church Saturday nights, and her church Sunday mornings). After church, we ate lunch, and then were in the car, headed to an afternoon of "us" time - something we'd not had for quite a while. Unfortunately, while sitting at a stoplight, our plans were changed when I was rear-ended. Our "us" time turned into 20 hours spent in the hospital. Being seven months pregnant is not conducive to any kind of trauma like a car accident - even minor ones, like this one. Fortunately, after a rather uncomfortable night spent in a hospital room, Anna was given the all-clear, and I took her home.

As it turns out, the woman who rear-ended us was also on her way home from church, and was distraught to the point of tears when she found out that Anna was pregnant. Interestingly, she attends the church that Anna grew up in. What was intended for harm was turned into good, especially since Anna wants to get Abi into dance, and the woman is a local dance instructor.

Nobody was injured; I'm guessing I'll have to get the rear bumper cover replaced on the car - but that was the least of my concern at the time. I saw the look of sheer terror in Anna's eyes (almost two years ago she, her mom, and her two sisters were in a near-fatal accident caused by a drunk driver) and it nearly broke me. I was much more concerned with getting her to the hospital to make sure Abi was okay than I was about insurance claims and police reports. In the end, everyone is okay, and the accident itself should be uncontested. Now, we both just need some sleep...