Indianapolis Colts Forever

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Colts Owner Jim Irsay says his loyalty to Indy is strong:

"Q: But you're the son of the man who moved the Colts. Like father, like son?

A: It's strange, because I don't like franchise movement. Sometimes when it's necessary at the very end of a very problematic situation, it needs to occur. But being one of the teams that has moved, obviously that was my dad's era. But I believe in franchise stability. I believe that creating a legacy and having a tradition is what sports is all about in terms of rivalries and creating a generation of fans. The real equity you have is in the fans' love of the game, and that equity is gained through many decades of building a legacy."

Really, can we stop talking about this now? I know the media find rumors of the Colts moving to Los Angeles sexy, but again and again, Irsay has said just the opposite - that he intends to build a Super-Bowl franchise in Indianapolis. The new stadium is on its way (if the Indiana lawmakers can ever get their act together).

Oh, and I'm planning on becoming a season ticket holder. My playoff tickets were Secton 327 (Yellow) seats. Full-season tickets there are $490. I'm thinking that's my range - unless I can find some killer seats in the Red ($550) section.