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Just Testing

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Just testing WordPress 2.0 multiple-trackback funcationality... pay no attention to this post!

Pardon The Dust

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I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0. It will probably take me a while to get the kinks worked out with style and what-not. I apologize if things look a bit funky for a while, or if RSS feed links are broken.

EDIT (Mainly to test trackbacks): Others are upgrading as well.

Pardon the Dust

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The conversion to WordPress is nearly complete. The main page is rendering and acting correctly; I'm working on the template/theme changes for the meta-pages (comments, etc.). Let me know if you find any oddities or broken links.

Pardon the Construction

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I'm converting everything over to WordPress. All the posts have been imported; now I'm just working on the template. All comments (all 3 of them) have been preserved, and since I have no trackback pings/links yet, I should be able to make the transition smoothly. Once everything is done, I'll migrate back here.

NOTE: All posts from this point forward will be in WordPress. Use the link above, until you see this notice disappear.