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  • @HurricaneJames5 rear-ended by a drunk driver? Hope everyone is alright! in reply to HurricaneJames5 #
  • @Jpeezy25 so what was the good Word this morning? in reply to Jpeezy25 #
  • @jmcc65 I've never liked the term "Man Upstairs", but Amen to the sentiment! We are #blessed aren't we? in reply to jmcc65 #
  • @18to88 did you see this? Baby James got rear-ended by a drunk driver last night: #
  • Beginning Git Cheat Sheet - #wordpress #
  • @prossorguk feedback? in reply to prossorguk #
  • @lewayotte @glennansley just started using Git last night. Appreciate any feedback! in reply to lewayotte #
  • the smartest choice would be "Owner" RT @DevonSweeney @LaVarArrington what position do u think the Redskins will draft with their #1 pick? in reply to DevonSweeney #
  • @prossorguk knew I forgot something! Going in to fix... in reply to prossorguk #
  • @prossorguk fixed! in reply to prossorguk #
  • I totally called (albeit one play early) that Rodgers naked bootleg! Nice opening drive by the Packers there. #
  • A PUNT from the 34-freaking yard line?!? Is Lovie Smith channeling his inner Jim Caldwell? #
  • 24-yard punt. 16-yard first-down run. Need I say more? #
  • And then the Packers bail out the Bears, with some utterly stupid play-calling from mid-field. Why go for 2 homerun balls there? #
  • Seriously? You let yourself get sacked out of FG range on 3rd & 6 from the 27? The Packers offense really is trying to keep the Bears in it #
  • So, does *either* team want to win this NFC Championship? Two near-safties, followed by a muffed punt? #ugly #
  • Jay Cutler is throwing with Mark-Sanchez-esque accuracy today. #
  • @LovinBlue I don't really care who wins it. Probably rooting for the Packers, but it won't bother me if the Bears win. in reply to LovinBlue #
  • This time: 11-yard punt, followed by a 10-yard run on first down. Good play-calling, Lovie... :/ #
  • @XL950 followed by a 10-yard run on first down, of course. in reply to XL950 #
  • @18to88 @BankOfWayne and it worked so well the first time, they just did it a second time! in reply to 18to88 #
  • The Packers should act like they want to win this game, and go for it on 4th & 1 from the 36. But what do they do? Punt, of course. #
  • Bad throw by Rodgers; WR tips it: interception. #
  • @coltsgurl4u apparently, Rodgers heard you. in reply to coltsgurl4u #
  • The Bears are in perfect position to play for a half-ending FG. What do they do? Homerun ball: INTERCEPTION #
  • My guess is the booth called for a review for down-by-contact, not for an incompletion. #
  • Uhhh.... he was CLEARLY tapped on the helmet on the way to the ground. How was he not down by contact at the 2? #
  • Please: someone explain to me why the Packers, up 14, with the Bears offense doing NOTHING, are still trying the homerun balls? #
  • WOW! That was a CHEAP pass interference call. Jacob Tamme would like a second opinion. #
  • @norcross but they've been successful with moving the ball at-will with shorter throws. Up 14. Kill the clock. in reply to norcross #
  • @XL950 or perhaps, only throw the flag when it's, you know, actually pass interference... in reply to XL950 #
  • Rodgers just threw his second interception in scoring position. Todd Collins now in at QB for the Bears. #
  • @Skitzzo I watch the contact that *doesn't* get called in Colts games; that didn't look anywhere *near* DPI to me... in reply to Skitzzo #
  • Sorry, make that a sack and a pick for Rodgers in scoring position. His first pick was from just outside FG range. #
  • @LisaSabinWilson not Rodgers' finest decision-making performance today. You guys should be up at *least* 20-0 by now. in reply to LisaSabinWilson #
  • @LovinBlue you can tell a difference between the two? in reply to LovinBlue #
  • Worst decision to field a punt of all time? Survey says: yes. #
  • I think Urlacher is just about the only Bears player who decided to show up to play today. #
  • @keder yes in reply to keder #
  • @dmataconis he can't now. The Bears put in their #3 QB. in reply to dmataconis #
  • @dmataconis dunno; I just know that once the #3 QB goes in, #1 #2 are done b/c #3 is emergency QB & doesn't count against active game roster in reply to dmataconis #
  • If Jacob Hanie leads da Bears back into the game & Chicago wins do the Bears have a QB controversy on their hands going into the Super Bowl? #
  • This time, Chicago punted 24 yards, and it wasn't even a touchback. #punting #fail #
  • Jay Cutler is in the game. He's wearing the #12 jersey for the Green Bay Packers. #
  • This game has had SIXTEEN punts. 8 of them have netted less than 35 yards. 6 have netted less than 30 yards. #punting #fail #
  • Jacob Hanie has now thrown 3 Touchdowns: 2 to the Bears, and one to the Packers. #
  • That was a sketchy call for intentional grounding. There WAS a receiver in the area; he got hooked/pulled to the ground, Reggie Wayne-style #
  • @18to88 @rtm237 clearly. That statement can only be borne out of complete ignorance. in reply to 18to88 #
  • @CrizzleColts @18to88 "fourth and ballgame" doesn't count as a gutsy playcall. in reply to CrizzleColts #
  • I almost wish that idiot DB had fumbled the ball for trying to run back that interception. #takeakneeforthewin #
  • @Skitzzo for what it's worth, their ball-control was worse than their clock management. in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @Shake1n1bake that, too - though there's no harm in picking it off it to prevent an errant catch. in reply to Shake1n1bake #
  • @coltsgurl4u sure... jinx the Steelers. Works for me! in reply to coltsgurl4u #
  • @technosailor I hear there's a football game on in reply to technosailor #
  • @technosailor @TurleyCEO that's okay, so did the Bears. in reply to technosailor #
  • @Frumph sleep? Ah, so that's why you disappeared! in reply to Frumph #
  • @nacin must be a filter called dont_format_<3_dangit()... in reply to nacin #
  • @WordPressKC a #wordcamp in Missouri? Awesome! #
  • @WordPressKC I might have to try to make it over there. in reply to WordPressKC #
  • @WordPressKC any interest in a discussion of Themes from the perspective of the Repository/Theme Review Team? in reply to WordPressKC #
  • @18to88 can you do a comparison of Big Ben's last pass to Manning's pass to Blair White? It looked almost *exactly* the same height. #
  • @18to88 you think? in reply to 18to88 #
  • @PeytonsHead except for me. Must try harder. in reply to PeytonsHead #
  • @18to88 but he was going to ground. Hmm... maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention. in reply to 18to88 #
  • I just threw up a little in my mouth hearing Ben the Rapist Roethlisberger saying "God is good" in the post-game interview. #
  • @18to88 we might be quibbling. Would you say they were within 1 foot of each other, in height off the ground (e.g. 1ft vs 2 ft? off ground)? in reply to 18to88 #
  • @18to88 I don't think it was that low. White was in the air; could see shadow beneath. At the time I put that pass at/just below knee height in reply to 18to88 #
  • @18to88 I'd call that just below knee height. Not worth being pedantic over, however... in reply to 18to88 #
  • @coltsgirl17 me too, in June in reply to coltsgirl17 #

Beginning Git Cheat Sheet

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Since Theme developers don't (at least, not yet) have SVN-commit access for the WordPress Theme Repository, I decided to host Oenology on GitHub. Git is an entirely different beast from Subversion, so it took me a bit to figure out exactly how to use it.

So, for the most part, this post is my own personal cheat sheet, though perhaps someone else new to Git might also find it helpful.

Initial Setup

Generate SSH Keypair:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

Setup local system's global Git username and password:

git config --global "User Name"
git config --global

Setting Up a Local Repository

One major difference between SVN and Git that I quickly discovered is that SVN defaults to setting up subdirectories for the working copy (/trunk) and previously tagged versions (/tags), but Git does not. So, whereas with SVN, my local repository checkout (i.e. the directory tracked by SVN) was simply a directory called /oenology, with Git, it made more sense for me to create my own subdirectories: /master for the working copy and /tags for tagged versions, and then do my Git checkout in /oenology/master.

Change path to working directory:

cd ~/<path>/oenology/master

Initialize local directory as a Git repository:

git init

Checkout the remote repository:

git remote add origin<username>/<repository>.git

Working With Git Repositories

Add (stage) all files in the local directory to the repository:

git add .

Commit (snapshot) all file changes in the local directory:

git commit -m "Commit Message"

Push all snapshots to the remote repository:

git push origin master

Working With Tags

Tag the current snapshot:

git tag -a "Version Number"

Push all tags to the remote repository:

git push origin --tags

Delete a tag:

git tag -d "v12345"
git push origin :refs/tags/v12345

Working With Branches

List Branches:

git branch

Create a Branch:

git branch {branch}

Switch to a Branch:

git checkout {branch}

Push a Branch:

git push origin {branch}

Merge a Branch:

git merge {branch}

Delete a Branch:

git delete -d {branch} // only deletes the branch if all changes are merged
git delete -D {branch} // deletes branch, regardless of merge state

For More Information

For more detailed help, refer to GitHub Help, and to the Git Reference.

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