Twitter Updates for 2010-12-13

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  • Note to Bill Cowher: please learn rules before commenting on them. Hits to the head are illegal against *all* players, not just defenseless #
  • @Shake1n1bake the Jags just scored too quickly. But I'm not confident the Raiders will take advantage of it. Here's hoping! in reply to Shake1n1bake #
  • @carlhancock @Skitzzo I'm 100% on helmet-leading and helmet-to-helmet hits on all players; mostly confident on hits to the head. in reply to carlhancock #
  • @carlhancock @Skitzzo all helmet-tp-helmet hits are illegal, not just against "defenseless" players: in reply to carlhancock #
  • @davecoveney student loans? I have 2 kids to help get through college. It is immoral for govt to take my $ for other kids' college in reply to davecoveney #
  • This Just In: Chrissy Collinsworth(less) is a moron. Common sense dictates that Jackson's demonstration was excessive & unsportsmanlike #
  • @Pat1McAfee I'm just glad that my #Colts players have enough class not to do unsportsmanlike crap like that in reply to Pat1McAfee #