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  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Project 1: Bedroom door re-hung; now closes & locks #
  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Project 2: mount toilet paper holder back into wall #
  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Project 3: replace broken window blinds #
  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Project 4: re-hang painting in dining room #
  • Manning is utterly methodical tonight. San Diego will not stop Colts offense if they keep playing like this. Manning TD to Tamme. 7-0 #Colts #
  • @18to88 if only our offensive line would have decided to play more than two series in the first half... in reply to 18to88 #
  • Darnit, I broke my 1/8 drill bit, working on a super-secret project... #
  • The NFL just absolutely sucks. If that pass interference isn't called, then what is the frigging point of having officials? C'mon #Colts #
  • Punting on 4th and 4? Really? I guess Caldwell has given up. Maybe it's time for us to do the same for him. #
  • @thevirtualpeach coming soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to thevirtualpeach #
  • @Skitzzo that was the point that I stopped watching (it's still on in background). The NFL is no longer a legitimate sport. in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @Skitzzo he still had Peyton Manning, and an outside shot at winning. in reply to Skitzzo #
  • Why punt on 4th and 4, and then send your first-string offense back out on the next possession? That's just asking for injury, Caldwell! #
  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Super-Secret Project: wall of family pictures #
  • @18to88 @CrizzleColts if you give up by punting on 4th and 4, then sit the starters on the next possession. in reply to 18to88 #
  • @Skitzzo he proved my point, sending the starters back out in a game he's given up on. I've been a staunch Caldwell supporter, but not ATM in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @thevirtualpeach our walls are plaster, and those shelves have hidden mounts. That kicked my butt! in reply to thevirtualpeach #
  • @18to88 how is that something new or newsworthy? in reply to 18to88 #

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Theme Review Weekly Stats: 21 Nov 10

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Each week, I publish various statistics to measure the Theme Review process for Themes submitted for inclusion in the Official Theme Repository (any inaccuracies are due to manual counting).

Here's how we've done (improved/disimproved/maintained) over the week ending 20 Nov 2010:

Compared with last week:

  • The # of tickets closed decreased. (76 vs 124)
  • The review queue increased. (56 vs 52)
  • The oldest open ticket age (days) maintained. (14 vs 14)
  • The average time to close tickets (days) increased. (5.9 vs 3.8)
  • The average age of open tickets (days) decreased. (4.0 vs 5.7)
  • The % of tickets closed as approved increased. (27% vs 21%)
  • The # of reviewers decreased. (4 vs 6)

This Week (above/below/at goal):

Closed Tickets:

  • # Tickets Opened: 74
  • # Tickets Closed: 76
    • # Approved: 14
    • # Not-Approved: 38
    • # Newer-Version-Uploaded: 24
  • % Closed Tickets Approved: 27%
  • Average Days to Close: 5.9

Open Tickets:

  • # Tickets Open: 56
  • Oldest: 14 days
  • Average Age: 4.0 days

This Week's Top Reviewers (# Tickets Closed):

  1. chipbennett: 34
  2. chris@thematic: 20
  3. cais: 8
  4. beckyTechy: 1

Historical trend charts have been updated.

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-21

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