Twitter Updates for 2010-10-25

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  • Theme Review Weekly Stats: 24 Oct 10 - #WordPress #
  • NFL officiating still sucks. JAX receiver pushes off the KC DB with two hands, knocking him to the ground. The call? *Defensive* PI. Idiotic #
  • @Skitzzo "contractual obligations", don't ya know? in reply to Skitzzo #
  • Idiot Pats DB Merriweather just gave up a 1st down on a lay-the-wood tackle, then gets up and salutes? Uh, prevent the 1st down next time #
  • Hey, Rookie SD WR: you're only down by contact in the NFL. Hold on to the frigging football. Second Chargers TO already. #
  • Are you freaking KIDDING me?!? THAT was a pass interference? NFL officiating just keeps getting worse and worse. #
  • @lukedunlevy I sure wish the Colts could get some of that "cutting off the path of the receiver" DPI hookah the refs are smoking in reply to lukedunlevy #
  • Big Ben claimed in post-game interview that he was "holding the ball under the pile", at the same time the replay was showing him fumbling #
  • @dmataconis you mean, the former girlfriend who's now trying to shop a memoir to publishers? Yeah, that's a credible source... in reply to dmataconis #