De-Linking LGF

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Just a quick note: Little Green Footballs has been removed from this site's blogroll.

I have been a long-time reader of LGF, ever since Charles Johnson's "throbbing memo" broke open the Rathergate (Bush National Guard) scandal of 2004. I appreciated his evisceration of the MSM as well as his support for Israel and exposure of Islamofascism.

However, since that time, LGF has devolved into little more than an anti-Christian, pro-evolutionism, pro-Global-Warming, right-wingers-as-extremists, guilt-by-association site, in which any dissent is treated with capricious banning.

I have maintained the link to LGF, out of appreciation for his past work as well as the few things about which we still agreed. However, I can no longer do so. My action follows suit with the good folks at Power Line, who took the same action last week, and is precipitated by Charles Johnson's crude, baseless, and unwarranted attack on Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft.

I will not speak disrespectfully of Charles Johnson; we simply have divergent - and, apparently, incompatible - beliefs regarding socio-political policy and treatment of those who frequent and comment on our respective blogs.

I, too, miss the Charles Johnson we all once thought we knew.