Fred Thompson at the Washington Briefing

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Fred Thompson apparently takes one to the house Manning-to-Harrison style at the Washington Briefing. (H/T RedState. More here.)

Some interesting quotes:

"Our people have shed more blood for the liberty of other people than another other group of people on earth."

As President of the United States, no legislation that supports [abortion] will pass my desk without my veto."

On fiscal responsibility: "Those who are yet to be born do not have a seat at the table as we kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with. We have to blow the whistle on this irresponsibility."

On not knowing what he would do during his first 100 days as President, but knowing what he would do in his first hour: "I would go in the Oval Office and close the door, and pray for the wisdom to know what was right."

(P.S. - Unlike the left's "Anyone But Bush" anti-enthusiasm in 2000 and especially in 2004 that led to Kerry's nomination, while we on the right detest the thought of a Hilary presidency, we have a few good choices for our presidential nominee. While my first choice is Fred, I would gladly vote for Giuliani - who also impressed at the Washington Briefing - should he ultimately win the nomination.)