Upcoming Travel Plans

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Just a quick update on some travel plans that we are in the process of finalizing:

First up, our first real family vacation: Gatlinburg, TN, and Asheville, NC:

Since our original Vegas plans fell through, I moved my vacation days to the Wednesday through Friday before Labor Day. So, we will be spending Wednesday and Thursday nights in Gatlinburg, TN, courtesy of Blue-Green Vacations. Other than the obligatory, 2-hour tour/sales pitch, we have no set plans for our time in Gatlinburg.

Friday morning, we will make our way through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, to Asheville, NC.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
(Public Domain)

We will be staying Friday night through Monday morning at the Quality Inn & Suites - Biltmore South. The primary purpose of visiting Asheville is, of course, the Biltmore Mansion. I haven't been to Biltmore since I was about five years old, and have wanted to go back for some time. I think Steph will really enjoy it, too. We have two full days to explore the mansion, gardens, grounds, winery, and everything Biltmore has to offer.

Biltmore Mansion

Biltmore Mainsion
(Public Domain)

We will be returning home through Cincinnati, and hope to see some family on our way.

Next is our trip to Indianapolis for our wedding:

The weekend after we return from our Smoky Mountain vacation, we will be heading over to Indy for the day we've been anticipating for what seems like forever: our wedding!

We want to keep things as low-key and informal as possible, yet want our friends and family to be able to celebrate with us. We will be getting married Saturday, September 8th, at Noon. The ceremony will take place at the Gazebo at Williams Park in Brownsburg, IN, with my Uncle Don as the officiant.

Williams Park Gazebo

Gazebo at Williams Park

We will be having a picnic in the park immediately following, and are just asking those who come to bring a dish to pass.

Then, we will be spending our first night away from Lily, who will be staying with Nana and Papaw Bennett while Mrs. Bennett and I enjoy a night at the Getaway Suite at the Speedway Bed and Breakfast.

Finally, we come to our Las Vegas Trip:

My company is sending me to the ISPE Annual Meeting 4-7 November in Las Vegas, and I will be able to take Stephanie along with me.

Once again, we will be first driving to Indy, so that Lily can stay with her Nana and Papaw. Then, Saturday November 3rd, we will fly out from Indy, through Denver, and on to Las Vegas on Frontier Airlines.

The meeting will be taking place at Caesars Palace, which is where we will be staying until we head back to Indy Thursday morning, November 8th.

Caesars Palace

While I will be spending my days in various training sessions, as part of the events of the meeting Steph and I will have several fun opportunities, including a Roman-themed party one night, and a visit to Hoover Dam Wednesday afternoon. But I also have a very special surprise planned for Steph. (And if any of you manage to figure out what it is, you will know how big of a surprise it will be, and I'm counting on you not to spoil it for Steph.)

Well, that's the travel we have planned in the next several months... I'm sure we'll be updating with copious amounts of pictures from our journeys!