Blog Updates: Comments and OpenID

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I would like to phase out my use of Haloscan for comment and trackback management. To that end, I have enabled commenting from within the blog, and have enabled trackback verification and CAPTCHA comment verification.

For those of you who leave comments, the comment verification is just a simple math equation, the answer to which must be entered in order to verify that you are human. It is one additional step, but unfortunately necessary in order to prevent comment spam. I have also enabled comment moderation, meaning that the first time you post a comment, it will have to be approved before is appears. Once you have had a comment approved, future comments will not require approval.

Also, for this and all future posts, I am requesting that all comments be made using the comment form for each post, rather than using the Haloscan link.

If you don't know what a trackback is or how to use one, you won't need to worry about trackback verification. For those of you who do use trackbacks, the verification will simply require that you link from a valid web site with a reciprocal link to the post to which you are sending the trackback.

Finally, I have implemented this plugin, to allow comments via OpenID identity authentication. I will follow up with a later post, detailing what OpenID is, and why you should use it (and not just for my blog).

OpenID will likely become my preferred identity authentication method, so I encourage anyone who comments to look into it.