One Year Anniversary!

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Today is a very important day for our little family: July 3, 2007 is the one year anniversary of my first date with Stephanie.

What an amazing year it has been! I never imagined that in a year's time I would have the family I have always wanted, that in becoming a husband and father I would finally fulfill some of my deepest desires.

In the time we have had together, Stephanie has shown herself to be the one person with whom I was destined to be, forever - and she has become my best friend, my confidant, my motivation, my heart, and my life. With her, we have the greatest blessing in the world, in our Lily.

I couldn't imagine life without either of them, and I am so happy and privileged and blessed that God has directed our steps to reach this point in our lives. I know this has been but one year in a lifetime of years, but it is still significant to me (not to mention, it is by far my longest relationship - sad as that may sound).

Tonight, especially, I am the happiest man alive. Stephanie, baby, I love you!