Missile Strike Kills Zarqawi in Iraq

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One less terrorist mastermind:

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the mastermind behind hundreds of bombings, kidnappings and beheadings whose leadership of the insurgent group al- Qaeda in Iraq made him the most wanted man in the country, was killed Wednesday evening by an air strike near Baqubah, north of Baghdad, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Thursday.


Zarqawi, a Sunni, was killed along with seven aides, officials said.


Zarqawi was killed in a rural house in the village of Hib Hib, about 55 miles northwest of Baqhdad, Maliki said.

"Tips and intelligence from Iraqi senior leaders from his network led forces to al-Zarqawi and some of his associates who were conducting a meeting . . . when the air strike was launched," [U.S. General George W.] Casey said.

He said Zarqawi's identify was confirmed by "fingerprint verification, facial recognition and known scars."

Via RedState.com.

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