Adult Stem Cell Advances You Don’t Hear About: Mending a Broken Leg

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Here is an example of an adult stem cell (ASC) treatment truly on the verge of breakthrough: ASCs used to help mend a broken leg, in a situation normally requiring a bone graft:

About seven weeks ago, Dr de Steiger harvested bone marrow from Mr Stevens' pelvis.

A subgroup of stem cells that can transform into tissues including bone, cartilage and heart, were isolated and grown.

Last week, about 30 million of these cells were implanted in to the 5cm x 3cm hole in Mr Steven's left thigh bone, where they are expected to generate new bone.

The alternative to this pioneering procedure was a painful bone graft.

Using a patient's own cells avoids potential problems of the body rejecting foreign cells. However, it will be three to four months before the success of the operation is known.

This is what is referred to a clinical trial - something into which not one single embryonic stem cell (ESC) derived treatment has progressed. I wonder why the hot-and-bothered-about-stem-cells MSM haven't reported on this story?

Via Missourians Against Human Cloning.