Christian Carnival CXI

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Wittenberg Gate is hosting this week's Christian Carnival. This week's theme: the St. David's Day/Ash Wednesday edition.

My contribution this week is my February 27th OYB post about the dichotomy of belief and holiness versus not sinning.


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2 Responses to “Christian Carnival CXI”
  1. Rosemary says:

    Dear CB,
    Very interesting and true. I kind of see it a little differently, however. Maybe because I’m a female? lol.

    I know God is real due to common sense and in my heart. Sometimes, when I doubt, I know it is satan trying to make me go astray. Also, some would call it ‘reality’, does not square with truth.

    I will take truth any day of the week! There is one instance when I was told I was not having faith. I will let you decide.

    During the LA Riots after the Rodney King trial, I was armed. I was told I should not be armed by some ‘Christian doctrine’. (From a dear friend.) I said, “I do believe God is watching out for me. He allow me to have this gun!”

    Was I wrong for protecting myself? It seems to me, some people get so caught up in ‘spirituality’ that they forget they still live a world filled with evil people. When it comes to their life or mine, you can be sure it won’t be mine…if I have anything to say about it!

    That is one time I can remember when I started to doubt…if my faith was weak or if my friend was wrong. They were going to torch the furniture store under the apt where I live. What you have done?

    PS. (Simple One), but shhhhhh! 🙂

  2. cb says:


    I think the key is faith.

    God can use the natural just as He uses the supernatural. Thus, we must avoid two ditches: the one that discounts any supernatural intervention on our behalf, and the the one that assumes that all intervention *must* be supernatural.

    With so-called “common-sense” means, the question to ask is: am I acting out of faith that God has provided me with the means, or am I acting out of my own ability to accomplish the thing?

    “Thank you, Lord, for providing me with the means and ability to protect myself with this instrument” is considerably different from “I don’t need God becuase I can defend myself with the almighty bullet.”