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Much has been said around the Blogosphere about Karl Rove's alleged role in outing a CIA agent. (Of course, as we know - but not that the MSM will report - no law has been broken, regardless of the source of the leak.) Rush spent about two hours on this non-issue hyperbole and diversion by the MSM and Libs today.

I can't help but thinking, though, that The Mastermind is once again performing a rope-a-dope - setting up the frothing MSM and lackey Libs with just enough rope to hang themselves on this issue. Consider, perhaps: 1) Rove knows he is not the source of the leak, 2) Rove knows the true source, and 3) the true source would prove an embarassment to either the MSM, or Democrats (or both). Implausible? Maybe, but maybe not. I'll just throw it out there. Time will tell...

(Hat Tip: Lucianne)