Slashdot Does Narnia?

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brightMystery links to a discussion of Disney's upcoming Narnia movie at - of all places - Slashdot. The good professor rightly points out the bizarre nature of such a topic at Slashdot, and then describes first one commentor expressing discomfort that CS Lewis' classic Chronicles of Narnia series "was really Christian propaganda", and second, the reactions of later commentors "basically calling the first one out for expecting a writer not to write from the standpoint of his religious beliefs".

Quite funny, actually. Anyone with an IQ sufficiently high to frequent a site such as Slashdot and who has read the Chronicles of Narnia at any point past the age of, say, twelve should realize that Lewis - much more than just writing "from the standpoing of his religious beliefs" - wrote the series as an allegory of the Bible.

Unfortunately, I agree with the professor's assessment of the eventual outcome of a Disney production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (to be titled Narnia as previously mentioned).