2 Responses to “WordPressTemplateHierarchy.2011.11.11”
  1. Daumantas says:

    That’s not fair, Guys.
    I came here from the WP Codex to see the detailed template hierarchy. I see a picture and some posts saying that something must be changed. Author says that it will since version 4. The question arises what version do I see… It is Capitalized with date 2011.11… I’m searching in the versions… – up to 8, and button “next” gives me the one “2011.11…”. Where I can find the last version? Which of those IS the last one?
    That’s something you need to fix here, I think…

    • Chip Bennett says:

      Sorry for the confusion. The one you commented on should have been the latest version, I think. In any case, you can go to the parent page, and the one displayed there will be the most current.

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