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Imagine This Law In Missouri

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BlogsforBush reports common-sense election reform in Georgia:

Common sense prevails in the state of Georgia, with Governor Sonny Perdue signing into law today a requirement that voters show photo ID before casting ballots.

Of course, the liberal reaction was as predictible as it was inevitable:

The AP reports that most black lawmakers walked out of the state Capitol as a result.

Democrats were not happy about this bill, and cited ridiculous accusations that the law targets the elderly, the poor, and minorities.

This whole issue is a perfect example of liberal sophistry. Possibly without intending to, the original AP article points out the idiocy of the liberals' complaint (NOTE: emphasis added):

Previously, registered voters could present a Social Security card or other non-photo ID when they arrived to vote. Republicans, who control both legislative chambers, pushed the plan as a way to crack down on voter fraud...Democrats argued the law would unfairly target the elderly, the poor and minorities - those most likely not to have photo identification.

So, the liberals' primary concern is that the bill targets those most likely not to have photo identification, while the bill itself does not require photo identification. The bill does however target exactly what it says: fraudulent voters - multiple-voters, ineligible voters (felons, non-citizens, non-residents, dead people, etc.).

Now, just imagine Missouri passing a similar law (though I personally favor the requirement of photo identification, not just any form of identification). St. Louis City poll workers would probably be able to go home hours earlier, without the Return of the Living Dead that occurs every Election Day - and activist judges would likely have no need to keep polling places open illegally past the legislated hours of operation. And it might be fun to watch some Carnahan or Gehpardt storm out of Jeff City in a huff due to the disenfranchisement of 25% of the local Democrats' voting base (the ones who roll over in their graves right before casting their ballots).