CAPTCHA Comments (Version )

cbnet Twitter Widget (Version 1.3)

Widget to add the Twitter Tools Profile, List, Faves, and Search Widgets, with all configurable options.

Different Posts Per Page (Version 2.2)

Customize the number of posts, orderby, and order parameters for all index pages (blog/home, search, category, tag, taxonomy, author, date, and archiv …

Favicon (Version 3.1)

Add a Favicon to your site. No bells or whistles; simply upload a (ICO, PNG, or GIF) file.

MBP Auto-Activate (Version 1.2.1)

Automatically activate MaxBlogPress plugins, without registering and without subscribing to the MaxBlogPress email list.

Multi Author Comment Notification (Version 3.2)

Send comment notification and comment moderation emails to multiple users. Select users individually or by user role, or send emails to arbitrary emai …

Ping Optimizer (Version 3.0)

Doesn't do anything. Isn't needed. Core WordPress handling of Pings is oh-so-fine!

Plugins Donate Link (Version 1.1)

Add a Donate link in the plugin_row_meta for each installed plugin on the Manage Plugins page.

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