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  • I'm not sure that was "indisputable visual evidence" that the elbow was on the ground. Looked like it brushed the top of the grass blades. #
  • It's a good thing I don't really care who wins this game. If I were a Ravens fan, I'd be ticked. They won't get any breaks from the refs. #
  • Yeah, Flacco is a *great* playoff quarterback. So much for the "Flacco just wins playoff games" meme. He's single-handedly losing this one. #
  • @Skitzzo I believe the exact words (to AZ Tea Party leader) were, "Trent Humphries, you’re dead!" That's not rhetoric; that's a death thread in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @Skitzzo *threat, not thread in reply to Skitzzo #
  • That was the worst holding call in the history of holding calls. #
  • @Skitzzo I totally agree with your point; was trying to reinforce it, but ran out of characters. 🙂 in reply to Skitzzo #
  • Best pass I've ever seen Flacco throw & All-Pro Boldin lets it bounce off his chest in the end zone. The Ravens are trying to lose this one #
  • Plain-as-day holding call on Pittsburgh, and it gets called on Baltimore. Why even watch this crap? #
  • In which @lizardoid Charles Johnson gets pwned by @gatewaypundit Jim Hoft #
  • @Skitzzo take a look at my last Tweet, to see the hypocrisy of the left (and the media). in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @johnkolbert they're looking pretty impressive right now! in reply to johnkolbert #
  • @Pat1McAfee @laurawvu that's the worst review of Black Swan that I've heard yet. in reply to Pat1McAfee #

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Using WordPress Post Formats as a Taxonomy

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One of the great new features in the soon-to-be-released WordPress 3.1 is Post Formats. This feature enables posts to be classified as one of the following "types": standard (default), aside, audio, chat, gallery, link, quotestatus, or video. As described in the WordPress Codex:

A Post Format is a piece of meta information that can be used by a theme to customize its presentation of a post. The Post Formats feature provides a standardized list of formats that are available to all themes that support the feature... In short, with a theme that supports Post Formats, a blogger can change how each post looks by choosing a Post Format from a radio-button list.

Clearly, the most obvious use of Post Formats will be to customize the layout or style of a post based on the selected Post Format type. While this use will be incredibly beneficial, it does not fully describe the power or functionality of the Post Formats feature.

To give just one example, the Post Formats feature includes its own taxonomy (similar to Categories or Tags). Having their own taxonomy means that posts can be displayed by Post Format type.  Compare:

Category taxonomy:
Tag taxonomy:
Post Format taxonomy:

Consider the potential of this taxonomy. Want to add podcasting to your site? Assign all of your podcast posts the audio Post Format type, and your podcasting section becomes Want to add a photo gallery section to your site? Assign your gallery posts to the gallery Post Format type. Photoblogging? Use the image Post Format type. Videoblogging? Use the video Post Format type.

Implementing Post Format Taxonomy in Themes

Making use of the Post Format taxonomy in Themes is incredibly easy, thanks to a few functions:

  • get_post_format() - return the Post Format slug, e.g. 'aside'.
  • get_post_format_string( $post-format ) - return the Post Format string, e.g. 'Aside'.
  • get_post_format_link( $post-format ) - return the URL to the Post Format archive page, e.g.

Breadcrumb Navigation

For example, I have added the Post Format taxonomy to the breadcrumb navigation in my Oenology Theme:

Post Format Breadcrumb Navigation

Post Format Breadcrumb Navigation

This breadcrumb is accomplished simply by using:

get_post_format_string( get_post_format() )

(Note: the output is a string, to which I appended a 's' to the end, because I think "Post Format: Images" is more intuitive than "Post Format: Image" in this context.)

Taxonomy Archive Links

As another example, I have added links to the Post Format taxonomy archive:

Post Format Link

Post Format Link

This link is accomplished using the following code:

'<a href="' . get_post_format_link( get_post_format() ) . '">' . get_post_format_string( get_post_format() ) . '</a>'

Taxonomy Sidebar Widget

How about adding a Widget that outputs a list of Post Format types, to complement the Category and Tag Widgets? Here's a rough proof-of-concept:

Post Formats Sidebar Widget

Post Formats Sidebar Widget

The code for this is a bit more convoluted, but here are the important bits:

<ul class="leftcolcatlist">
$postformatrssimg = "/images/rss.png";
$postformatrssurl = get_template_directory_uri() . $postformatrssimg;
$postformatterms = get_terms( 'post_format' );
foreach( $postformatterms as $term ) {
$termslug = substr( $term->slug, 12 );
$termname = $term->name;
$termlink = get_post_format_link( $termslug );
$termcount = $term->count;
$postformatlist = '<li><a title="Subscribe to the '. $termname .' news feed" href="' . home_url() . '/type/' . $termslug .'/feed/"><img src="'.$postformatrssurl.'" alt="feed" /></a><a href="'. $termlink .'">' . $termname . '</a> (' . $termcount . ')</li>';
echo $postformatlist;

What else? Well,  what about adding Post Format taxonomy to a menu?

Just remember: with Post Formats, think outside the box of Post layout and style, and consider what else you can do with this great new feature!

I've added a proof-of-concept example of a Post Format sidebar Widget, complete with taxonomy archive link, feed link, and count

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