Project Summary


Location: Oaxaca, Mexico: Panixtlahuaca and Juquila
Date: 21-28 July 2005
Organization: Destiny Church of St. Louis
Mission: Roca Blanca Missions Base, Elias Vasquez


Size: 14 people
Team Leaders: Phil Stern, John and Diane Kramer
Composition: 13 people from Destiny Church of St. Louis, MO, and one person from Oregon.

Purpose: Vida Extrema

In our world today the word extreme has become very common. We can't imagine anything that man has not taken to the extreme. From the simplest things to the most sophisticated technology. This makes us think about taking everything to the extreme. The means of communication invite us to come, taste, and enjoy to the extreme without mentioning the consdquences of living to the extreme. Filling our minds with the idea that everything is easy providing challenges that have no hope. We are becoming accustomed to the scenes of violence, war and destruction like they were very normal without seeing these things as negative. The indexes of family violence, school violence and insecurity in our big cities in the last five years have risen considerably. All this because living life to the extreme where there are no limits.

The Bible speaks to us about these things. It mentions that in the last days all these things would come to pass and even increase. You and I have a great opportunity to show the true extreme life. A life of challenges and decisions that we make everyday showing that God is within us and for us. The world needs to know this great truth. Just like in extreme sports where one error can be the difference between life and death, one bad decision separates us from God the Father. Today, you are an example of this extreme life, the reason you are here hows that you are attempting to live this kind of extreme life in Christ. Thank you very much for your participation in this experience to show this extreme life even with our separation by language. Only the love of God speaking through your life. This says that God's love is real. Your effort and investment show you desire to bring this love to others. Perhaps the fruit will not be evident immediately but God's Word is true that says it will never return empty. The hart of the Father without doubt rejoices when young people make decisions to follow His Son through your efforts this week. What joy we will feel some day o hear someone say that I gave my life to Christ because of another young person from another country who came to my village to share with me.

(From the Roca Blanca Missions Base Orientation Pamphlet, Destiny Revival Center, St. Louis, MO, 21-28 July, Panixtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Summer 2005)


One of my translation duties during the trip was the explanation after the presentation of the drama, "La Decision" ("The Decision"). In this drama, I stood in front of two people - a man and a woman - crouched in front of me. I raised up the man, worked his arms and legs, and then blew a red balloon to him, which he took, came to life, and began moving around happily. I repeated this process for the woman, who joined the man. Then another person came and tried to take the balloons from the man and woman, but was rebuffed. This person then came back to the man, and offered him drink, which he accepted, and fell to the ground, but would still not relenquish his balloon. Then the person went to the woman, and tempted her with vanity, trading her balloon for a mirror in which to admire her beauty. The evil person then smashed the balloon, laughing. The woman threw away the mirror and recovered the shattered pieces of her balloon, which she presented to me, kneeling. I took those pieces, and exchanged them for a new, white balloon. The evil person returned to the man and tempted him with wealth, exchanging his balloon for handsful of money. As with the woman's, the evil person shattered the man's balloon. He recovered the pieces of his shattered balloon, but did not return to me. I then called the man and woman to return to me, and examined the balloons they presented. I saw the man's broken balloon, and the woman's whole balloon, and took the woman with me as I left. Here is the explanation I gave:


Este drama se llama "La Decision." Yo represento a Dios, quien creo a y respira la vida adentro de cada persona. Estos representan todo el mundo - todas la personas creado por Dios. Cada persona tiene mucha libertad para hacer decisiones sobre la vida. Los globos rojos representan que cada persona ha pecado. Como se ha escrito in Romanos, toda la gente ha pecado y ha caido andar mal de la gloria de Dios. Ella regreso a Dios, y recibi un globo blanco - un corazon nuevo y una vida nueva. El decidio continuar como separado de Dios. Entonces, cuando Dios llama a toda al fin, los que decidieron continuar como separados de Dios, se separaran por la eternidad, pero los que decidieron regresar a Dios, pasaran la eternidad en la presencia y vida de Dios. Todos uds. tienen esto decision para sus vidas. Como decidiran?


This dram is called "The Decision." I represent God, who creates and breathes life into each person. These people represent all the world - all the people created by God. Each person has much liberty to make decisions about life. The red balloons represent that each person has sinned. As it is written in Romans, all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. She returned to God, and received a white balloon - a new heart and a new life. He decided to remain separated from God. Then, when God calls everyone in the end, those who decided to remain separated from God will separate themselves for eternity, but those who decided to return to God will spend eternity in the presence and life of God. All of you have this decision for your lives. How will you decide?

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