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Going Boldly Team

Going Boldly Manchester 2002 Missions Team © 2002 Chip Bennett

Come Together

The Going Boldly Manchester 2002 Missions Team was comprised of two "core" groups: one
group from Kalamazoo Valley Family Church, Kalamazoo, MI, and the other group from
[Grand Rapids church], Grand Rapids, MI. Joining these two core groups were a
Bible college student and a local Manchester student.

Going Boldly Team Leaders

  • Jeff and Nina Cason

    Jeff and Nina Cason

    The Going Boldly Manchester 2002 team worked under the local leadership of Jeff and Nina Cason, from World Harvest Bible Church.
  • Pastor Kurt Brandt

    Pastor Kurt Brandt

    Kurt Brandt, Kalamazoo Valley Associate Pastor, served as the stateside team leader.

Going Boldly Team Members

Kalamazoo Valley Family Church

  • Going Boldly KVFC Team

    Kalamazoo Valley Family Church core group

    (L to R)
    Stacey McGaffey, Jeanine Kester, Sara Scramlin, Chip Bennett, Lindsay Sachritz, Kurt Brandt, Apryl Clay (kneeling)

[Grand Rapids church]

  • Going Boldly Grand Rapids Team

    Grand Rapids church core group

    (L to R)
    Amanda Colegrove, Nora Souza, Deb Trzybinski, Judy Wilder

The rest of the team

  • Going Boldly other team members

    James and Deb

    (L to R)
    James Aladiran, Debra Wiley

Honorary Team Members

  • Mustafa


    The experience would not have been the same without the contributions of Mustafa, an Iranian-born, Muslim-convert Christian living in Manchester, and a member of World Harvest Bible Church.
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