Project Summary


Location: Cíudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico / El Paso, TX, USA
Date: 11 June - 3 July 1993
Organization: Adventures In Missions
Mission: Freeman Bump


29 people

Team Leader:
Ronnie Books

Combination of Piedras Negras team and core group from Lakewood Christian Church of McAlester, OK - 15 people. One team leader and two team members were from Napierville, IL, and three team members were from Martinsville, IN.

Success Camp

Shingled a small roof
Painted a metal roof
Clean-up and paint stripping around the chapel

Voyage to Juárez

Bus broke down in every state:

  • IN: Trailer hitch
  • KY: Ran out of gas
  • TN: Radiator overheated
  • AR: Radiator overheated
  • TX: Radiator died - had to replace

Day in Weatherford, TX (Radiator replacement)

  • Went to park, played stickball
  • Sang at a nursing home

Border Crossing: Saturday, June 19, ca. 9:30 AM
Through Mexico customs in 5 minutes

Work In Mexico

Three churches: Revolución, Independencia, Galeana


  • Tar and shingle roof of a 70 x 30 foot roof
  • De-stucco exterior walls
  • General cleanup of grounds


  • Repair and paint sanctuary benches
  • Remove tile from sanctuary floor and tile small room


  • Clean out new, unfinished sanctuary
  • Insulate roof
  • Install roof-mounted A/C unit
  • Attended a youth rally


Two years Spanish
Mark and Raphael to get lumber
Danny to fix Y-pipe on bus
Man at gate - bus money
Kids and in the market


130° one day
Spent a lot of time playing and talking to Mexicans
— Basketball
— Soccer
— Volleyball
Dia de San Juan
"La Cucaracha" LP Trucks
Driving Laws
Electricity out — twice
Shopping/Bargaining in mercado
Paulita's Shop
— Barrilitos and RC and Coke
— Peppers and Picante
Mexican Meal:
— Lunch: Tacos
— Supper: Chocolate chicken, rice, and refried beans

Voyage Home

Bus engine: blew smoke 30 minutes from Beechwood


Tied for First place in Bible Memory Competition

Impressions and Memories of Mexico-Juárez

Bad water
Dirt streets
"No" traffic laws
Good jalepeño peppers
Very fast Spanish
Beautiful mountains
Beautiful sunrise/set
"La Cucaracha" LP Trucks
Gringos (Americanos)
Hombre de Tres Fs — Feo, Formal, Fuente
25¢ pops (½ Liter)
"Dia de San Juan" June 24
Good serrano peppers
West African Indigenous Time
Weatherford, Texas:
— Baseball (Cans and 2 x 2 board)
— Nursing Home ("Old People's Home")
— Playground
5-minute wait to enter Mexico from El Paso (mini-miracle)
Singing "En Ti" and "No Me Averguenzo"
Encouragement Block
Beautiful Rainbows (saw a complete ½ one)
Manzana Barrilitos
Zamba orange drink
Sunday school with Spanish high schoolers
Playing "Caballo"
Team Translator
Burning trash
Saturday evening youth meeeting
Boiling hot drinking water
Poor conditions
People's poor attitude about the care of their country
New money system
Generosity of people inpoverty
2-person showers
Old Person impersionations
De-stuccoing (Stuck-O)
Tile fights
Searching for Independencia
Seven bus breakdowns
Confrontations with Mexican drivers
Cutting off a speeding fire engine with lights on
K-P duty
Danny-Patrick wars
Concrete termites
Candlelight dinner with RC-bottle candle
"Cannonball" speed bumps
Group hugs with Justin
Light Saber broom fights

Quotes and Inside Jokes

"Veinte y Dos"
"A meal without peppers is like a day without sunshine!"
"Romantic meal - just the 28 of us"
"Everything's big in Texas... but that's okay,because he was used to hardships"

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