Project Journal

Friday, 11 June

Picked up Jeremy and Jessica at church and arrived at camp around 1:00. Played volleyball with the Juarez team members, then basketball (in boots). After photography session, ate supper (spaghett) and "ran" the Confidence Course (kinda muddy). Had team time, showerered and went to bed.

Saturday, 12 June

Got up, wrote in journal and did memory work, ate breakfast (french toast and spam), had first morning watch. First work session I was led by Ed Somebody. Our team showed great teamwork and tremendous resourcefulness on the Confidence Course (althought , we had to run two obstacles over during free time because of DQs). After lunch (tuna sandwiches and chips), we worked on the chapel - removing shingles, stripping paint, and general cleanup around the outside. During free time we ran Mt. Sinai and The Wailing Wall. At supper (au gratin potatoes w/sausage and green beans) we had our first auction block. During Rally Time, intern Mike gave a testimony and Char sang two songs. During Team Time, we discussed the Course.

Sunday, 13 June

(Tootsie Tot Song)
Today is Justin and Jennie K's birthday. We dressed up for church. After breakfast (pancakes and span) we had morning watch, Bible study - discussion of theories against the Resurrection - and church services. Songs were led by Jeff and fiancee Bethany. Mike Shryock had the message, on Rahab and the Faith Hall of Fame in Hebrews. After lunch (beef stew) we had work sessions. We worked on tar-papering and shingling the roof and painting another. We ran the Course really well today, but we were DQed on the Pit and Jacob's Ladder. After supper (mashed potatoes, chicken and noodle stuff, and corn) we had Rally Time (Jeff talked about Ehud), canteen, and Team Time - we discussed the Course, had prayer time, and released early to clean up.

Monday, 14 June

Got up at 7:00 AM (surprise, surprise), ate breakfast (a sort of egg-cheese-sausage thing and pancakes) and had morning watch .Today I had KP duty with Rick. We painted more of the roof during Work Session I and then ran the Confidence Course (our best time ever - stopped only because of lunch). After lunch (grilled cheese and ravioli) we had Bible study, when we discussed prayer and Christianity from an athiest's point of view. We started to work on the little roof during Work Session II, but it started to rain, so we did laundry. We sang during Work Session III and then had free time, during which we fixed the clothes line. After supper (leftovers) we had Rally Time, then Luke Smith gave a message and Shawn Books (I think) gave a testimony. Jessica Schultz was baptized tonight (Audrey Boyd from Napierville was baptized last night). During team time we discussed the Course and the possible difficulty getting into Mexico. Afterwards David, Pat, Jeremy, and I had a heart-to-heart and Pat and Jeremy had decided to re-dedicate their lives tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 15 June

Everything pretty much the same today, finished the course in 1:14:00. Instead of Rally Time, we had the Hundred Hours, in which anyone who wanted to could give a testimony. It was one of the most moving experiences in my life, especially seeing Jeremy go up. There were 7 baptisms, including Jeremy, Ryan, and Pat. It has been AIM's most successful Success Camp ever!

Wednesday, 16 June

(Frickle Bird)
Today was pack and prepare day. We ran the Confidence Course in 0:57:39! We prepared our cabins and waited for parents to arrive. Mom came with Mrs. Todd, Tim (Jeremy's older brother), and some other lady. The Smiths, Muncys, and Pat Kiethly came, as well as the Schultz family. We had a mini-tour. We ate supper (lasagne) and then left for the church. Commissioning was incredibly uplifting. We returned and finished preparations to leave. A killer moth attacked the girls at about 2 AM.

Thursday, 17 June

Got up at 5:00 AM to finish our packing, ate breakfast, had Morning Watch, and left. The trailer hitch broke in Indiana, ran out of gas in Kentucky, almost overheated in Arkansas, dropped Diana off in Texas.

Friday, 18 June

Woke up, ate pop tart and milk for breakfast, stayed for a while at a truck stop, learned that the Texas flag could be flown the same height as the U.S. flag. Drove on, delayed in Weatherford for 12 hours, played in the playground, went to the library, ate chicken salad sandwiches for lunch, played can baseball, played real baseball with a 2x2, sang at a nursing home, ate at Mickey D's, drove on, fell asleep.

Saturday, 19 June

Woke up in El Paso, ate breakfast at the Bump's house, and entered Mexico. Ours was probably the easiest entry ever for a bus of 28 people. We arrived, unloaded and played basketball until lunch (ravioli and grilled cheese). After lunch we cleaned up, showered, and at 5:00 were in a youth worship meeting. We played volleyball until supper. After Team Time we went to bed.

Sunday, 20 June

(Zamba Orange)
Jeremy gave sermon and we sang "En Ti". Played basketball and had Team Time (Christina and I were in the Encouragement Block).

Monday, 21 June

(Jalapeno Peppers)
Today in the morning I removed stucco, came back and ate lunch, had Bible study, and returned to the worksite. I put tar paper on the roof after more stucco-removing. It started ro rain, so we returned home. After supper we had Team Time (Ryan andMelissa were in EB).

Tuesday, 22 June

(Manzana Barrilitos, Serrano Peppers)
Got up at 6:30 for KP duty. Made breakfast, had Morning Watch, did laundry while everyone was at Iglesia Christiano Independencia. Made lunch, had Bible study, everyone else (except Kristi, Lauri, and I) returned to the church while we cleaned and mopped the kitchen. I learned that at CIY Danny met Rich Mullins. Don't want to forget Larui's "dealy thing". Played "Caballo" with Claudia, Prudencio, y Roberto. Went with Ronnie to get the "LP" ("fropane"). Ate supper and had Team Time (Kellie and Carissa in EB). Went to bed early after Anselmo jury-rigged the electricity.

Wednesday, 23 June

Ate breakfast, had Morning Watch, and went to work shingling the roof (teethed shingles), completely swept around the area of the church. At Team Time had Joy and Patrick on EB.

Thursday, 24 June

"Dia de San Juan" festival of throwing water at people that started as a Day of Bathing. Was part of crew that stayed at Revolucion to clean up the grounds. Burned trash in yard next to sanctuary, and cleaned the area where the bus is parked. Went with Mark and Raphael to Galliana to buy lumber and make preparations to begin work. Missed a huge water fight. Had church Bible study, led by Freeman Bupm. During Team Time Joel and Justin were in the EB. SBD cleaned the boys' sleeping quarters and Freeman brought an A-C to be installed on the roof. Received mail from Dad, card from Mom, and card from church.

Friday, 25 June

After breakfast and Morning Watch, I went to work with the Galliana crew. We took lunch and had (boiled) drinking water. We de-tiled the floor, sanded and repaired pews, and prepared them for painting. After lunch Mark led Bible study. Weworked until 2:30 when the Independecia crew joined us (they completed all but part of the ridge cap and ran out of shingles). Raphael took the Gal. crew to get sodas, and we returned to finish the work. We left at about 5:30 to return to Revolucion. After supper we had Team TIme. Mark led songs, Lauri and Rick gave devotions, and Jennie and Davide were in EB. (The morning we hauled the AC onto the roof and Ronnie and Anselmo installed it.) Afer team time, we went to get pops. Today the temperature reached 130°F.

Saturday, 26 June

Rich's birthday is today. Wehad planned to go swimming at a water park, but the water wasn't purified, so we went back to Revolucion. Laid in a bunk (AKA-Roller Coaster) both ways. Read "Prophet" during all of free time today. Took a shower and went to a youth rally at 4:30. Received mail from Mom and Grandma ($5). Helped Jennifer with her memory work there and back from the Rally. When we returned from the rally, I helped Rich with his memory work. During Team TIme, David and Joel gave devotions, and Lauri and Rich were on the EB.

Sunday, 27 June

Got up, cleaned boys' area for church, ate breakfast, had Morning Watch, and went to church at Independencia. Got there at 9:00 and sang hymns with Danny on guitar. When everyone arrived, we sang some Mexican songs. We sang our songs in front of the church. Ryan gave a devotion and Mark gave a sermon (Ragman). Afterwards we talked with the Mexicans and Danny learned the words and chords to "Renuevame". Then we had a team meeting about not drinking the water/obeying leader authority. After that I read more of "Prophet" until lunch was ready. The Independencia Church members made lunch - Tortillas (soft) with meat (Beef), cheese (white), lettuce, tomato stuff, and red chile sauce (hot). It was, of course, delicious. After lunch, we played basketball (the King of Slop returns to his throne). We returned to Revolucion in just enough time to clean up before church at Galeana. They had a presentation of the past year's activities and upcoming events, and results of some election fo rthe youth. Afterward we had an Ice Cream Social and someone took a group picture of all of us. We got back to Galeana and played basketball until supper was ready. Independencia sent supper with us (choclolate chicken, rice, and refried beans). After supper we had Team TIme. Justin and Patric gave devotions and Kern and Karie were on EB. I then read more of "Prophet" until lights out and then went to bed.

Monday, 28 June

After breakfast and Morning Watch I was assigned to the crew that stayed at Revolucion to work, while some others went to Galeana to finish de-tiling, paint benches (red), and start re-tiling. At Revolucion we repaired a drain, burned trash, re-cleaned the courtyard, and Justin and I meticulously swept and mopped the boys' areas. Then everyone went to get a pop, and we worked on letter-writing until lunch. After lunch and Bible study, the crews switched, except the girls did laundry, Aaron led and insulation crew, Mark led the painters again, and Danny took me to get a Y-pipe fixed on the muffler. Then we got gas and picked up the painters. Then we returned to Revolucion for supper. After supper we had Team Time. Joy and Kellie gave devotions, andAaron and Valerie were on the EB. We unloaded sheet rock for the ceiling. I twisted my right ankel finger-fencing with Kern. After Team TIme I spent time writing letters until lights out.

Tuesday, 29 June

After breakfast and Morning Watch, we went and finished up at Independencia and the took team pictures on the roof. When we came back I read "Prophet" until lunch, and then after lunch until Bible study. I finished it after Bible study and the played basketball, even shooting fromthe roof of the clinic next door, until it started raining. After supper we had team time, Carissa and Ryan gave devotions, we did Affirmation Exercise #2, and Michael and Jeremy were on EB> During Team Time I noticed a heavy burdn on my heart, but has not yet been totally revealed to me what it is. My ankle is mostly better now.

Wednesday, 30 June

Got up at 7:00 AM and packed. After breakfast and Morning Watch, we finished packing, laoded up, cleaned up the church, and headed for the Mercado. I was with Mark's group: 17-23 (and 11). I bought a poncho and blanket for myself, serapes for Jilie and Dad, Picante salsa for mom and a silver necklace for myself. I ended up broke. Then we went to lunch on the bus and returned to the market. I bought Marks' team present - a marble chess set (Ronnie got a bag, Chrisite got a hammock, Danny a bullwhip, and Marti got...(?). Then we headed for Pablito Americano, but on the way someone noticed that the hitch broke again, right along the weld. So we decided to go ahead across the border. We crossed wit hease. In El Pase, we stopped at K-Mart to make phone calls home. Then we ate supper at Pizza Hut while the trailer hitch was being repaired. SinceI couldn't reach mom at K-Mart, I called her from Pizza Hut after we ate. Then we headed off.

Thursday, 1 July

Numerous stops during early morning. Woke up and watched the sun come up over Texas. Ate breafast at a rest stop, had Morning Watch there, and headed on. Studied Bible Bowl and talked about speaking in tongues (Tomica goes to a Charismatic church). Ate lunch at a truck stop (chicken salad sandwiches) while we waited for Melissa's mom to arrive (she went home sick). After she arrived we left to head home. Ate supper at McDonald's. Played "I'm going to the moon..." game. Watched sunset and went to sleep.

Friday, 2 July

Woke up at 3:30 in Kentucky, rode the rest of the way to camp. Arrived at Beechwood at 8:00. Played chess with Mark until breakfast. Then we had Morning Watch. After that we cleaned the bus. After that we had free time (but we had to stay out of the way of the Baptist kids who wreaked havoc on the camp). The chess game continued. Afdter lunch we had Siesta time for an hour. Mark won the game. Then we went swimming, and used the water slide. We had chicken fights. After supper I took a shower and played basketball. After canteen we had Team Time. I had a headache. I also gave the Devotions. Mike, Tomica, Jenifer, and Marti were on EB. I went to bed at 9:30.

Saturday, 3 July

Got up at 7:30, ate breakfast and had Morning Watch. Then we began debriefing. Then we had Sharing of Adventures. After lunch we continued debriefing. Then we had free time. We all made use of the water slide and then all went to the dock. We had fun pushing everybody off and trying to tip the dock over. Then we went back to the slide and back to the dock. After supper we finished debriefing. Mandi from Antigua and Jennie K. were baptized. Afdter canteen we had our last Team Time. Christina gave devotion and Christi, Mark, Danny, and Ronnie were on EB. Oh yeah, we had a fireworks show. Lights out at 12:15.

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