Project Team


GHAB 1992 Mexico Mission Project Team © 1992 Chip Bennett

Team Leaders

  • John Taplin
    Name: John Taplin, Team Leader
    Location:: Rochester, MN
  • Shelley Sargent
    Name: Shelley Sargent, Assistant Leader
    Location:: Rochester, MN
  • Amy Corbett
    Name: Amy Corbett, Assistant Leader
    Location:: Rochester, MN
  • TJ Smith
    Name: T.J. Smith, Assistant Leader
    Location:: Rochester, MN
  • Team Members

  • Katie Farley
    Name: Katie Farley
    Location:: Conrath, WI
  • Mindi Funte
    Name: Mindi Funte
    Location:: Clarion, IA
  • Patty DeMar
    Name: Patty Sue DeMar
    Location:: Osceola, IA
  • Kelly Berg
    Name: Kelly Berg
    Location:: Monroe Center, IL
  • Teresa Dietz
    Name: Teresa Dietz
    Location:: Oshkosh, WI
  • Diane McGinnis
    Name: Diane McGinnis
    Location:: Viola, WI
  • Eric Bass
    Name: Eric Lynn Bass
    Location:: Brainerd, MN
  • Janine White
    Name: Janine White
    Location:: Viola, WI
  • Jennie Moss
    Name: Jennie Moss
    Location:: Downs, IL
  • Adam Johnson
    Name: Adam Johnson
    Location:: Brainerd, MN
  • Laura Stortecky
    Name: Laura Stortecky
    Location:: Cadott, WI
  • Brad Sheldon
    Name: Brad Sheldon
    Location:: Oelwein, IA
  • Kristin Fahning
    Name: Kristin Fahning
    Location:: Cleveland, MN
  • Travis Hurley
    Name: Travis Hurley
    Location:: Monticello, WI
  • Chip Bennett
    Name: Chip Bennett
    Location:: Shelbyville, IN
  • Emily Braatz
    Name: Emily Braatz
    Location:: Rochester, MN
  • 1992mexico
    Name: Dana Marie Smith
    Location:: Streator, IL
  • 1992mexico
    Name: Charity Harris
    Location:: Denver, IA
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