Project Journal

Katie Farley

I think the best part of this trip was the Mexican people. They were all friendly and most of htem on fire for God. It was an experience that I will never forget. I wish we could have stayed longer. The little kids were great, and the way the guys acted around was great. I thought the "neatest" thing was that the Mexican people weren't afraid to minister to other people ad it really made me understand that God is the only thing that really matters especially to them. I will never forget the friends that I have made.

Mindi Funte

I am absolutely convinced that God wanted me on this mission trip. I got the brochure in the mail only two days after I got the letter asking me to try out for Harmony again. I'm not sure why, but I didn't really feel like going this year. The cost had gone up, but the trip was being cut short. I didn't have anything better to do for the summer, so Ifigured I might as well go anyway. Then I got the GHAB brochure -- Here was a chance to spend a week in Mexico for half of what it would cost me to spend a week in Iowa. I didn't have to deliberate long to decide where to go. I didn't even send in my application for Harmony -- something just told me that God wanted me in Mexico. THen I actually got down there -now I know that I'll never go on Harmony again. THis trip changed my life. Before I went, I was relatively set on what I was going to do aftercollege.I wanted to teach ENglish in adeaf school. I was even sure that was where God wanted me. Now I'm not sure. I want to return to Piedras Negras and teach in the youth center. THis trip has introduced me to some of the most dedicatyed Christians I have ever met. They have literally no material possessions, but the have one thing we are in extreme shortage of in the U.S. - JOY. They take Paul seriously when he tells us to rejoice in the Lord always. I want to live like that. I want to return measure for measure every kindness that the people of Piedras Negras have given me. If that means giving my entire life, then here I am send me.

Patty Sue DeMar

Going to Mexico was the best thing that could have happened to me. My life dream has always been of becoming a missionary and this trip helped merealize that maybe I do have what it takes to help others and teach them about our loving Sasvior who died for our sins. Being around Christians who live for the Lord all of the time was such a blessing. The kids gave me a lot of inspiration with trying to communicate. The fact that these people will give you anything regardless of how much they have is very touching. They were all open to new things. The highlight of my days there would have to be the fact of being able to pass out the tracks with the church people. I have made a lot of friends in the past week, and I hope to keep in touch with everyone. The only thing I'll probably always remember is how much the kids loved playing with Travis. My dream of becoming a missionary just may come true because of this trip. John, thank you for telling me about it when I was at MBC awhile ago. This trip will always be treasured in my heart. Keep in touch and may God Bless each and everyone of you.

Kelly Berg

going to Mexico has opened my eyes to the needs of the peoples in other countries. The people of Mexico are much easier to share God's Word with, because of their lack of materials they are willing toaccept anything they can get. if we present God's word to them the are willing to listen, unlike people in the U.S. who think they already have everything to make them happy. Passing out tracks was different but it was a great time to get to know the Mexican people, and it wasn't all that hard. The people in Mexico aer very lucky to have people like the Calderons who are always giving their time to share God's word with others. My prayer is to become a full-time missionary but first I have a lot of learning and maturing as a Christian that I need to do. Thank you to those at MBC who made it possible for such trips as these. Dios les Bendiga!

Teresa Dietz

I am glad that I was chosen to go along on this trip. It was a real eye opener. I enjoyed most of all the friends I made and I enjoyed talking to the little kids. I loved the experience of handing out tracks to the Mexican people. I just hope that I made the difference to at least one of them. I will always remember this trip and remember everyone I met here.

Diane McGinnis

This trip taught me alot. For starters, I never knew the importance of missions until this trip. Because of this trip I plan to make my curuch aware of the importance of Missions. I also didn't realize that most of the Mexicans were so eager to know of a God. Handing out the tracks was one of the best parts of the trip. I've learned to respect missionaries mre than ever 'cause I realize how hard of a jo they have, especially if they cannot speak the language. This trip has taught me a lot, but I'm sure that I have just begun realizing what an impact this has made in my life.

Eric Lynn Bass

Dear Journal,

When a person undertakes a mission trip, inevitably, he goes with preconceived ideas. My ideas were shattered. I found the people generous to the point of sacrifice. I found that being a part of the Christian family wasn't just a Sunday/Wednesday affair, it was a part of everyday life. I fund the people to be very sincere - when the people said something, they meant exactly what they said. The people were rick beyond my understanding. It was I who was poor.

I loved the children, the youth group. Walking through the colony was the momst fulfilling experience of all. I loved the friends I made - TOny, Martin, Claudia, Mario, and Marcos. I look forward to living forever with them.

Janine White

I loved this trip! I would have lied to stay a lot longer. The people were so open and caring. They were really devoted to their church and God, much more so than the people at my church.

In the U.S. we think the Mexicans are so poor, but really it's the Americans who are poor, so many of them do not really know God. I think a reason that the Mexicans are so much more devoted is the fact that they don't have much else. Because of this trip I have a completely different view on Mexicans. I always thought most of them were really into crime. Maybe that's because of TV.

I've also met some very great new firends. Friends who really understand and care. I think this trip was worth every bug bite, nose bleed and more. THis has been the most worthwhile week of my entire life.

Jennie Moss

Well, this weke has absolutely changed my life. I was completely enchanted with that Mexican town, and I have a feeing that I will be there again. The people in that town were so beautiful, their faces just glowed with love. It was wonderful serving such wonderfully beautifully sweet people. This week will never be forgotten in my mind! Now I could never agree with the stereotype of Mexicans being lazy, or even dirty people! Martin and Tony were 2 of the hardest workers I've ever met. And dirty? Never, they are beautiful. These people helped me to realize that working for God is the only way for me to go. I can't thank God enough for placing me into a crowd of faces that I didn't know, and sending us safely to Mexico! I'm constantly thanking HIM for placing all of the faces of the unknown crowd in the same place. They were all a very special part of the trip. I hate to see it all end so soon. A couple more years would be good! After all, we've only just begun to serve God in our own special and definitely unique way.

Shelley Sargent

Que Pasa!! Oh boy, I don't even know where to start. I had an awesome week! I wanted to stay in Mexico. It was so hard to say "Good-bye". The only time, and I mean the only time, that I didn't see a smile on the little kids faces was when we had to say "Good'bye". That brought tears to my eyes. I absolutely loved spending time with the little kids. I will never forget Luis' smile or Josue's funny facial expressions. Since this was my 3rd time in Mexico, I didn't have much of a culture shock, unlike the on'es coming to Mexico for the first time. One thing that was the same every time was the fact that the Mexicans have JOY!!! Sure they might not be materially rich, but they are rich within their heart, soul, and mind. They are also very friendly, caring & they try so hard to communicate with us! MExicans are also very hard workers. TOny and Martin are proof of that! The Mexican people wear their faith; you can tell they are Christians by the glow they give off. They are very, very giving even when they have little but they come willing to share it! The very first time I went to Mexico, I had the attitude that the MExican people are so lucky to have us "Americans" come down to help them. Boy, what a contradiction. I was the one blessed. I was truly blessed by the Mexican people, but also by the others in this group. God has truly belssed this group! This group has a lot of talent. I could go on for about the next 5 pages, but I won't, even though there is so much to say. The Mexican people have stolen my heart! I can honestly see myself working with the Mexican people. One more thing about the Mexican peple is their sense of family. Well, I think I'm done now. May God bless every single person on this trip!

Hope to see everyone at Minnesota Bible College!

Dios les Bendiga!

Dana Marie Smith

This Mexican trip was great. Even that I didn't know any Spanish, it made the trip much (mucho) better. The cultural shock was not as bad as I expected but the fact that I saw some escuela (school) kids always in the same clothes is sad. It's sad to see houses as big as a block and then the other people living in shacks by the railroad. Taking the walk by the railroad really changed me and my outlook. We (Americans) complain we have "nothing" to wear or "nothing" to do. Well they only have 2 or 3 outfits and if they could play nintendo for 20 minutes, they'd be so happy. Because they have nothing, they are more willing to accept us or anybody. They accepted me even when I had no idea what they were saying or how to even tell them anything. One little girl (Adrienna) helped me mop the bathrooms and make breakfast just so we could go put together a puzzle. I'll miss all of my new friends very much.

This trip told me that I can be a missionary anywhere, even when I can't speak with them. I've always felt that God has been pointing out that the need for missionaries will be very great around the time I'm done with school and I'm more than willing to go be a missionary. Germany was always my first choice, but now Mexico is there too...

Serving God and Loving it...

Adam Johnson

I feel that I have benefitted from this trip in that I could help fix things and build a parsonage. I made not only Mexican friends like Marcons, Mario, Claudia, and others, but American friends as well. I hope that I have left a little of myself with everyone I met and everything I did. I now know that if anyone ever says something to me to believe it and do anything possible to make it come true.

Laura Stortecky

I have wanted to go to Mexico for quite some time, and when I heard about the Minnesota Bible College trip I was ecstatic. But as the day of going came, I was very nervous and unsure if I watneds to go and spend a week with 22 strangers. I am so happay that I was allowed this opportunity. I expected the trip to be much more shocking culture wise than it was. Although it was nice to stop and brush your teeth with the tap water, throw your toilet paper in the toilete bowl and look at your awful hair in the mirror, I'm glad taht I got to go and look forward to going again in the future. It was great losing at cards and eating tooth paste (Thanks John).

P.S. Someone stacked the deck!

Brad Sheldon

I enjoyed the entire trip as a whole including the couple small ailments I had during the week. This week taught me a lot about the culture of different people and how we all need the Lord. Ther are many people in other countries also, however, who know the Lord and it was evident in the way they worshipped and were willing to go out with us three nights and go door to door with us. The times of fellowship were probably the most enjoyable as we could get to know the children and their parents. I think I was the only one not to get injured in the basketball game with the Mexicans since I already had a sprained ankle. I'll always remember the people who went down and will pray for it next year.

Emily Braatz

In comparison to past missions trips I've been on, this trip is one of the brightest highlights. God taught us that all we really need to survive is him. As Americans, we have grown accustomed to the "comforts of home", and the fact that we don't need them may have come as a shock to some. I consider this very refreshing. On a different note, the conditions the Mexicans lived under wree not insufferable. Revelations 21:4 talks about God wiping away every tear from their eyes and that there will be no more sorrow or pain. These people have God and He will take care of them better than we can do alone.

Down a more humorous path, I enjoyed operating on a serious lack of sleep squashing bugs on my pillow, and showerin in el bano por caballeros. Not to mention card game,s card tricks and staged clairvoyance.

I thank God for all that he has taught me, for the many wonderful people he brought into my life. I'll be waiting for the chance to see you all again.

"Don't look Clarisse!"

Amy Corbett

Of all the trips I've been on to Mexico, I'll have to say this was one of the best. The first time is always your best because it's a new experience, but this trip is the best group I've been with because everyb ody started out new - not knowing too many people, and we left with some of the best friendships anyone could every ask for. I thank God for each and every one of the people who let God lead them towards Mexico.

Kristin Fahning

I think the trip was good for the Mexicans, helping them out by be-friending them, the fellowship, fixing up the church building, and giving them so many other things. It was good for the group, too. I enjoyed not only meeting a lot of new people, but seeing how they lived: what the do not have plus what they have. They have a closeness that no one else has. You smile at them, they will smile back. People around in Minnesota look at you funny if you smile at them. Someday it would be fun to go back to the same church, same surroundings. The best part for me was at the basketball game. I got to speak or try to speak and understand the little kids. I shall remember this trip for years to come.

Travis Hurley

I had been anticipating this trip for quite some time. I saw it as an opportunity to see new sights, experience a different culture and most importantly - a chance to serve God! I was confident that this trip would enhance my Christian life. However, the degree of this enhancement was not what I had anticipated. Never have I had this much fun while working; seen this much joy in "poverty"; or been touched so deeply by the love and compasison of these children of God. To say Mexico is a poor country is to be ignorant to the greatest possessions on earth. The people I have met have a sincere desire to serve God and rely on HIM. I only hope that some day we Americans can begin to look past worldly status and success and finally get an idea of what really matters in life - that as long as we hve the Grace of Jesus christ, we don't need anything else! Thank you, my Mexican brothers and sisters for instilling in me a better sense of values. Thanks, also, to the diverse, multi-talented crew I had the blessing of working with.

Love in CHRIST

Chip Bennett

Since going to Canada with Adventures In Missions last June, I had been searching for another opportunity to return to the short-term mission field. Since I took first year Spanish, I thought that I could gain more from a trip to Mexico by being able to communicate with the Mexicans in their own language. I also feel that I learned from the culture difference... from material U.S. to Mexico where people may live in cardboard houses, and children treasure one thing that may be their only posession. Something that impressed me even more was the people - the put more emphasis on family and respect and religion. They were much more friendly and trusting than most Americans. I enjoyed the basketball game. So many people came to watch that the police came ot find out what the problem was. Another important aspect was the 1240 tracks that were passed out. Hopefully, many more people will be brought to Christ through the joint efforts of us and the people from the church.

Charity Harris

This week has been a blessing not only for the Mexicans but especially for us. I was so touched by the kindness and joy that the Mexicans showed to us and other Mexicans. I hope that by our work, others will come to Church and accept the Lord into their lives. We all worked hard and the Lord will bless us for that. I will pray for each one of you and your walks with Christ.

In HIS Grip

T.J. Smith

I am not the same person today because of the the Mexico trip! It was truly a life changing experience for me. I saw people who were on fire to spread the gospel. I saw great potential and opportunity. We were received with warmth and hospitality. The work was important and it needed to be done. There was no feelign of running in place or putting on a show. Our work was greatly appreciated.

The entire grouip grw together and was greatly blessed. There was none of the bickering that can take place on long crowded trips. These people in GHAB are truly outstanding leaders and that made my driving job a pleasure. This trip made me a believer in short-term missions. These trips are beneficial to alla involved, and they will definitely be in my future plans.

John Taplin

What a wonderful experience! I could not have asked for the trip to go any smoother than it did! Thanks everyone for being such wonderful companions for a week and a half!

The luxuries of home were very evident this week (the lack of...), but surprisingly no one complained! With the weather peaking at 108F, the humidity steady at 90%, we had reason to complain but everyone took it in stride. We accomplished a great deal of work, dirty work - the kind of work that no one really enjoys doing. We definitely made an impact on ourselves and hopefully the Mexican people as well!

I was impressed with the character of each of our members. It is reassuring that the church of the future is in good hands if quality young people like this heed Christ's call. Move aside world, these young people plan to make things happen.

It is my prayer that everyone gained insight in several different areas:

  • a new and refreshed approach to Christian Love and the barriers it breaks down
  • a realization of your own potential as, not just Christians, but Christian LEADERS
  • a look at Minnesota Bible College and some of the products that she has produced
  • a love of missions and people in foreign cultures
  • a desire to let God use you in any way HE wants

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you! I hope that all of us will keep in contact with one another. Although a reunion be out of the question, I would love to play '99' together up in Heaven! (Quest at MBC is always the third week in October!) Until we all gather with the big guy upstairs.

Thank You and I Love You All

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