Project Summary


Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: 7-29 June 1991
Organization: Adventures In Missions
Mission: Westway Christian Church (David Dyke)


Size: 8 people

Team Leaders: Pete and Char Pierson, Team Leaders; Joann, Assistant Leader

Composition: 5 team members, from various locations


Join us on AIM's first team to beautiful Canada! The Canada Team will train with the Antigua, Saltillo I, London, and Jamaica I teams to b egin their Project. Following the Candlelight Commissioning Service on the last night of "Success Camp" training, the Team will board an AIM bus for their trip north. First destination: the northwoods of Ontario and Ontario Christian Service Camp near Shelburne.

At Camp your Team will help get the grounds ready for camp, improve the entrace road, do some paointing and minor repairs, and work on repairs for the dining hall. After working at Camp for a week, the Team will head for one of the most fascinating cities in the world: Toronto. The metropolitan area of Toronto will offer you genuine glimpses of the entire world. you will visit neighborhoods like Little Italy and Chinatown, eat at an Indian restaurant, or work with Philippino immigrants. Don't be surprised if momentarily you forget what continent you are on!

Your Team's task in Toronto is to hold a Vacation Bible School. Probably like no other you've ever seen. Your classes may have children with Asian, Italian, Caribbean, Pakistani, Greek, or other ethnic backgrounds; many of whom have never heard that someone really loves them, Jesus Christ. You will also be involved in puppets and clowning in the nearby parks. All of this "adventure in missions" will make for a truly life-changing experience which you will not soon forget!

(From the 1991 Summer Mission Projects brochure, Adventures In Missions)


7-12 June: Success Camp - Beechwood Lake Camp - Bloomfield, IN

12 June: Candlelight Commissioning Service - Worthington Christian Church - Worthington, IN

13 June: Travel - Bloomfield, IN to Toronto, Ontario, Canada

14-27 June: Community Service, Evangelism, Vacation Bible School - Westway Christian Church - Toronto/Etobicoke, Canada

27-28 June: Travel - Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Bloomfield, IN

28-29 June: Debriefing - Beechwood Lake Camp - Bloomfield, IN

Success Camp

The team spent the first week of the project completing "Success Camp" at AIM's Beechwood Lake facility, along with teams for other projects in various places throughout the world.. Success Camp consists of physical, mental, and spiritual preparation for the mission field. Team members spent time in personal meditation and prayer, memorized scripture verses (an activity that would continue for the duration of the project), and participated in corporate Bible study and worship in order to establish and develop the Spiritual foundation of the team members. The Confidence Course - a wilderness obstacle course designed to develop teamwork - and team time helped to establish and deepen relationships among team members, and project-specific training sessions such as window-painting, clowning and puppeteering, VBS lessons and skits, and singing helped develop skills required to complete the team's intended project. A grueling pace and "boot-camp" like atmosphere helped develop team members physically and mentally for the rigors of the mission field.

Success Camp concluded with a candlelight commissioning service held at Worthington Christian Church, in nearby Worthington, IN. Parents, family, and friends joined the teams for a time of fellowhip and a meal prior to the service, which provided a final opportunity to see or speak with team members prior to commissioning and departure. To open the service, each project team performed a song, and the Canada team sang I want to Praise You, Lord. The conclusion of the service is a solemn and formal commissioning and sending of each team member as a missionary. After the service, the teams returned to the Camp to finish packing, weigh luggage, and depart for the mission field. The Canada team finished packing and loading late into the night, and departed early the following morning.

Westway Christian Church

For the duration of the team's fortnight in Canada, Westway Christian Church, 6 Kilburn Place, Etobocoke, served as the team's home base. The team slept and ate in the church building, and the church was the location of the VBS held the second week in the field. The team participated in the two weekend worship services held at the church during their stay. The first Sunday was Father's Day, and also Youth Sunday. The church's youth performed this service, during which the AIM team were first introduced to the church menbers. Following this service, the church held an afternoon picnic at nearby West Deane Park. Throughout the time spent in the field, the church members were incredibly warm and welcoming. Mike and Wanda Isaac hosted the team one evening for dinner and fellowship. Don and Linda Stevenson hosted the team one afternoon for swimming.and a cookout. Richard and Josephine Wong took the team on a tour of Toronto's famous Chinatown.

Community Service and Preparation

Original plans to work on the grounds of a nearby camp did not pan out, so instead the team spent much of the first week in the field performing community service throughout the Etobicoke neighborhoods surrounding the church. The team washed windows and soffits and mowed lawns for elderly and disabled residents. The team also spent time preparing and advertising for the Vacation Bible School program it would hold at the church. To advertise for the VBS, the team passed out tracts door-to-door, and used clowning and puppets outside schools and at local parks in order to attract children to attend.

Vacation Bible School

Under the direction of the church's Christian Education chairman Don Stevenson, the team held a Vacation Bible School from 23-37 June, themed Jesus and You at Camp Can-Do.

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