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Friday, 7 June

Today I met John and Jeff. I also hurt my thumb picking up rocks. The spaghetti and bread was good. Went through the confidence course - looks pretty easy, except the WALL. My team has only 5 kids - me, John, Jeff, Kara, and Hillary, and 3 adults - Pete, Char, and Joann. We're not taking a bus, we're taking a van.

Saturday, 8 June

Today I woke up at 5:42 and couldn't get back asleep. Tomorrow's my birthday. We ran the course today. Camp is a lot of fun. I love the workshops - especially the singing one. Can't wait to try the water slide. Met a girl who is in Bible bowl, too. Didn't get her name though.

Sunday, 9 June

Dressed up today. Mike gave the sermon, on Samson. Ran the course successfully today. They auction off people on the special duty roster as servants for one meal. Wrote to Mom & Dad today. I love the singing times.

Monday, 10 June

We hit the proverbial "wall" today - well, everyone did. We managed to get some people up the wall - but not all. Our energy was revived when Steve Holbrook, the minister at Worthington Christian Church, came and spoke to us at campfire. Ken and Steve both were blinded as people took pictures. Our team time is now in Apt. II next to the chapel.

Tuesday, 11 June

We all had full energy - our "second wind" when we ran the confidence course - especially the wall - it was so easy. We painted the chapel window frames today (well, we started, anyway). We practiced our special song - "I Want To Praise You, Lord" - that we are going to sing tomorrow at commissioning. At free time I (finally) got to try the Water Slide and enjoy "Beautiful Beachwood Lake." At rally time, we shared how God has changed our lives with everyone as we sat in a giaut "U" shape of the benches, and afterwards we watched film and slides of each country (backwards). There were none of Canada because we are the first team to go to Canada. 

Wednesday, 12 June

We worked more on VBS today. The Confidence Course was SO fun. Too bad we can't do it again. If for some reason we do get to, then I'll leave my wallet in the cabin - not my back pocket! We painted more on the chapel today. I got paint in my hair. Commissioning was tonight. First we ate the meal, then we went through the ceremonies. It was very moving. After we returned to the camp, we packed food. Then we were up very late packing our bags. Pete and Char stayed up all night.

Thursday, 13 June

Today we got up at 6:15. We got dressed, ate breakfast, and cleaned the van. Then we loaded the inside, got situated, said goodbye to the Saltillo team, and took off. We got a little way and realized that we needed the spare tire for the trailer, so we went back. We finally got on our way. We stopped for a gas fillup, and I washed the windows. Later on we stopped and I got some popcorn. We ate lunch at a truck stop near South Bend. We finally made it to Michigan. We ate supper at Mickey D's in Marysville. We finally made it to the Bridge, then Canada, and finally customs. The lady wouldn't let me take her picture. I slept most of the way to Toronto, all the way to the church. We unloaded the van and the trailer, set up our beds, and wet to sleep.

Friday, 14 June

We met Don Stevenson today. He took us on a tour of Toronto. After we got back and ate lunch, we got our clowns and puppeteers ready and passed out tracts to the kids coming out of school. The kids just loved us. After we returned and ate supper, we went to the laundermat [sic].

Saturday, 15 June

Today we went to the Tour of the Universe at the CN Tower. It was really cool. It was just like something from Star Trek. We visited Jupiter. A circuit malfunction prevented us from landing and we returned to earth. We went to the Towerstore gift shop after the adventure was done. On our way to the CN Tower, we took the scenic route because we missed the expressway (I took over for Jeff and Kara as navigation when we missed the expressway), and we saw a Chinatown, Little Italy, and a Portuguese area. On our way back, we ate lunch at Ontario Place, a lakeside park. We then went to Don's house for an afternoon of swimming and a cookout. We returned to the church and had family time and got packed up to move our stuff for church service.

Sunday, 16 June

We got up and moved out all of our stuff. Us [sic] kids went into the high school Sunday school class. The church service was led by the youth - Paul Dyke, Davide Dyke's son, gave the sermon, Joy, a high school girl, played the piano, and another girl led the singing. All the youth (who wanted to) got up front and sang a couple songs. Afterwards, we "mingled." All the people seemed so nice! We then went to the Church Picnic at a local park. The food was great and we had a lot of fun. We played baseball using a soft soccer ball, water balloon toss, and a "cop and robber" type game where a blindfolded person stands in the middle of a circle of people with a water gun, and someone gets to try to steal the keys at his feet. The blindfolded person gets 3 shots with his water gun. I stole the keys successfully and "shot" the person trying to get them when I was in the middle. Wanda Isaac (who by the way, reminds me of Whoopie Goldberg) invited us to supper at her house on Tuesday. Then we left and went back to the church. I found a bunch of STRAIGHT magazines in the High School class, so I spent a few hours reading some of them. Then we ate supper. After supper, we worked on VBS for a while then had Bible study and team time and went to bed.

Monday, 17 June

We got up at 6:00 this morning to get a start on picking strawberries. Don Stevenson & his daughter Linda went with us. I wasn't very good at it, but Joann picked a lot (she's an experienced picker, though). After we returned to the church and washed up, we ate lunch. At 3:00, we went door-to-door passing out tracts advertising our VBS and window-washing service. When we got back to church, we ate supper. After supper, we worked on VBS. At 7:30, we had a VBS meeting. Josh will be Jon & I's helper in our class. We organized our schedules. Then we put on a puppet play for all the people there. For a snacks [sic] we had strawberry shortcakes and ice cream. We talked to David Dyke about U.S. geography. He used to be a truck driver, and so he knew a lot about the U.S. After everyone left, we went to bed.

Tuesday, 18 June

It was hard getting up this morning, but I did. This morning we practiced washing windows at Don's house, and boy, did he have a lot!
After we ate lunch and had Bible study, we went door-to-door again. Today Jeff and I went with Jo. After we got back, Char and Kara went to take showers, and Jeff went with them. I worked on my journal and read some STRAIGHT magazines. Then it was time to go to the Isaac's house for supper and an evening of fun. After supper, Mike Isaac and I took on Jeff and Kamilia Isaac in a game of badmitton (we didn't keep score, we just had fun). Then we returned home. I had the Devotions (on Acts 2:38), and then we went to bed.

Wednesday, 19 June

After breakfast and morning watch, we went and washed windows at two houses - the first lady (Not Barbara Bush) expected us to
break her windows, the second lady really appreciated our work. Then we came back and ate lunch. After Bible study, we canvassed
more houses. After supper, we worked on VBS. At 7:00, some kids came over and we had a fellowship time. We had popcorn and no-bake chocolate cookies. We put on a puppet play. After Jeff gave devotions, we went to bed.

Thursday, 20 June

After we ate breakfast and had morning watch, we went to wash aluminum at 25 Sundale Dr., but it was the wrong house! So we went to
42 Sundale Dr., and washed their aluminum. They were two Italians from Naples. They served us tea and cookies. While we washed,
Kara and Char went over to another person's house and mowed his lawn. Then Char brought grilled ham-n-cheese sandwiches and lunch stuff. Afterwards, we went swimming at Don's. When we got back, we ate supper, and worked on VBS. Then, at team time, we did a really funny worksheet. Then we went to bed.

Friday, 21 June

Got up at 7:00, ate breakfast, and had morning watch. We worked on VBS all day. Later that night we went to the laundromat. After that, we watched a slide presentation on Toronto produced by OCS.

Saturday, 22 June

We ot up and prepared to go to parks (I put on my clown outfit), but there wasn't anyone at the parks, so we went to the Stevenson's house to clean up. We then went to the mall. I bought presents for my family. We came back out and ate lunch. After that, we went back in and "explored" the lower floor. Jeff bought five kimonas. The rest of the day, we worked on VBS and puppets.

Sunday, 23 June

After morning services, at which we sang "I Want To Praise You, Lord," we puppeted at the park. We spent most of our time with some black kids. Then, when we returned "home" we prepared our rooms for VBS. VBS finally got here! My lesson on the Creation went OK. The game was fun. Adter VBS we had team time. Jo was in the Encouragement Block.

Monday, 24 June

Today we washed windows at an English lady's house. That afternoon we worked on puppets and VBS. After supper, we prepared our rooms for VBS. The puppets gave a skit as we did Sunday, and sang the songs with the kids. Then came the lesson - dum dum dum dum, dum da-dum da-dum dum dum - the kids were good, but Jon and I argued a lot. During the evaluation, we decided to settle our differences. We solved our problems and kicked Satan out.

Tuesday, 25 June

Today we went to Chinatown. Affter taking the subway and two different buses, we made it to Dragon City- Chinatown's version of the Florence Mall. We met Richard and Josephine Wong there and they were the ones who took us for a tour of the "town". I bought souveniers for everyone in my family for under eight dollars. We ate at a Chinese restaurant and ate man y dishes. A lot were shrimp, but I enjoyed the chicken feet. Also, I ate the whole meal with chopsticks. After we got back, we studied VBS and practiced puppets. In VBS today, Jon an I worked well together, but we couldn't control the kids. I prayed that God would kick Satan out.

Wednesday, 26 June

Today is Julie's birthday. We went to the CN Tower with many VBS kids. Jon watched Katrina and I watched Tiffany. The view from the tower was beautiful, but I couldn't see Niagra Falls, because it was hazy. When we got back, and all the kids left or were picked up, I took a nap. When I ot up, we worked on puppets. Jon's lesson went OK, but we still coudn't keep them under control. They didn't get to puppets because they woudn't stay still, and, since we had to finish my lesson, they didn't have time.

Thursday, 27 June

Today we wahed more soffits and windows. We also packed. I hardly had time to work on my lesson because we went swimming. I went to the bank and got a $1 bill. The lesson went OK and the game went OK. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone and I'm not that good at it. I slept most of the night in the van. We had some van trouble, but I slept through it.

Friday, 28 June

I woke up at 7:00 (Indiana time, 8:00 Toronto time) and ate some pretzels. I sat up and enjoyed the ride. We were expected back at 8:30. We weren't to make it. Engine trouble caused us to have to drive 50mph, so we were a little late. We stopped at a gas station and Char got some doughnuts and milk, so we ate breakfast. We got to the road, and it was blocked off, so we had to take the back way into the Camp. When we got to the entrance hill, we couldn't get the van up. After 5 tries, she finally made it. Most of the day was spent debriefing. Instead of team time, we "shared the adventure."

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